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I want to go home….

Ever have that feeling that you are out of your element but have no idea how you got there.  I have spent the last 3 and 1/2 years with something that hangs over me, a foreboding, a dark cloud, a feeling of unease.  Not something that I can point to and define but more of …

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the chameleon…..

Everyone from Conservative Right-Wing and Liberal Left-Wing pundits to Joe the Plumber and Peggy the Mooch and everyone in between seem to be having a problem identifying the President.  He is like a chameleon, ever-changing to suit the political environment of the moment. In his memoir he spoke of a ‘girl friend’ that seemed to …

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I heard a statistic the other day that says that 50% of the people in America have no clue who represents them in Washington DC.  I think that percentage is too low but I am a grumpy old lady who is ticked off that my golden years are looking more like ‘a lump of coal’ …

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Dear fred….

This is my response to a column in our local newspaper.  For context you can read it at this link  Opinions: We need another Republican Party : Clarendon Live. My letter: I have a couple of bones to pick with you.  The first thing that jumped out at me was and I quote, “Perhaps the …

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buy stock in white hats….

No, I am not an investment guru.  It’s an election year you know, and every single politician running for office is wearing one.  This won’t make it easier to know how to cast your ballot but you might add a couple bucks to your retirement account, who knows…. It’s a good thing to realize that …

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“I never thought”….. here’s your sign.

I hear this phrase more and more these days.  People opining that they never thought they would see the day when this or that could happen here in America.  A once proud and independent people being reduced to little more than slaves to the government for a measly pittance.  The land of the free and …

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Last night we had severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and hail.  We are cotton farmers and the cotton is turning white, almost ready to pick.  The crops that did survive the drought were damaged, some severely, by last night’s storms.  We are praying that when we see them in the light of day, the damage won’t …

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