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in defense of my sanity….

I have writer’s block!  So much to say and yet words fail me.  My mind is awhirl trying to process all the meanness, corruption, stupidity and lies.  Federal, State and Local governments gone wild.  Power struggles, lack of vision, lack of leadership and punishment of the successful and the list goes on into infinity. “You …

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Fed up!

This is a politically incorrect rant by a 62-year-old grandmother trying to figure out how best to defend myself and my family from loosing what we have spent our lifetimes working for.  Please do not read if you are easily offended by opinions that are in direct opposition to yours or to so-called popular opinion. …

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buy stock in white hats….

No, I am not an investment guru.  It’s an election year you know, and every single politician running for office is wearing one.  This won’t make it easier to know how to cast your ballot but you might add a couple bucks to your retirement account, who knows…. It’s a good thing to realize that …

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3000 Americans die….

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, every single day in this country 3000 lives are ended and for those of us who believe that this truly is murder, funding genocide with our tax dollars makes us accessories to the crime. I am of course, talking about abortion.  If I could have my way there would be no …

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