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I never got a paycheck from a poor man….

Why do people demonize the so-called ‘Rich’?  Is it because ‘victim’ status is easier than imitating what the rich man does?  This is something I have never understood, after all anyone that has more money than I do could be thought of as rich.  Personally, I am very thankful for rich people who pay the lion’s share of taxes, who would do that if not the rich?   At some point ‘rich people’ will retreat, seeing that exerting themselves more and investing in expanding their businesses will not give a good rate of return for their efforts.  Then where will the largess of government come from?  You cannot force people to work harder when the reward isn’t there.  The individual is the smallest ‘minority’ and our Constitution guarantees every individual Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The ‘general welfare clause’ is constantly misconstrued and used as an excuse for government to pick winners and losers.   The words ‘general welfare’ indicates what is good for the overall population.  Things like interstate roadways, the railroads, the electrical grid, the defense of our borders and sovereignty, etc., are things that serve the welfare of everyone.  When government takes tax dollars to create ‘special interest’ spending it does not serve the general welfare.  What is does do is create loyal voters who were picked as ‘favorites’ for politicians to exploit for their vote.

The causes of economic inequality are varied but the main cause starts with the determination level of each individual.  Abraham Lincoln is a prime example of what sheer determination to self educate is the main factor that lead him to achieve greatness.  If everyone had that kind of persistence and determination there would be a lot more.  It wasn’t that Lincoln was smarter or more talented than others of his time, it was his own initiative that propelled him in spite of the circumstances of his birth, where he was raised or who his parents were.  It is the same story for everyone who has ever achieved their ultimate dreams.  Then there are those who achieve great things but never were recognized during their own lifetimes.  Great works of art were created by people who did those things out of their passion for the process.  Would they cry foul today if they could know that their works of art bring hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars?  I don’t think so because they did what they wanted to do with what they had.

The founders warned us that our form of government was only suitable for a moral people.  The evidence that our founding was based on Biblical principles from the founding documents to the design of the Capitol to the many inscriptions on our national monuments as well as the personal writings of those great men is undeniable, no matter how much some would like us to believe that we have a purely secular form of government.  America is the only country in the history of man to recognize the individual as the best determiner of his own destiny.  We have been for over two centuries the most free people in the history of man.  However, during my own lifetime I have seen much loss of liberty through government regulation and it doesn’t set well with me.  America has always been a place that you didn’t need to be rich to be comfortable and that is a great gift because wealth creation was never my first priority.

The poor have ever and will always be with us.  We are charged to attend to the needs of the helpless and America has ever been the most generous of people.  Charity is a job totally unsuited to government and is always served more efficiently at local levels by individuals and organizations that minister directly to the specific needs of the poor, the ill, the orphan, the widow and the elderly.

Debt is never a good thing whether it is individual debt or national debt.  The idea that government can spend us back to prosperity is pure fantasy.  There is a limit on every credit card and the piper always has to be paid in the end.  Taking out of the pocket of individuals and passing it on to future generations to allow government to dispense charity always leads of fraud and abuse by both sides of the equation.  Every individual in America is already obligated to almost $200,000 of the national debt (if it were equally spread over the population) and it rises hourly at alarming levels.  The more dollars government creates out of thin air makes every dollar we earn worth less and that is the most stealth and egregious taxation of all.

I have already voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket not because they are perfect men but because they have articulated Constitutional principles in the same way I believe them to be.   They live their own lives by moral principles that I find in agreement with my own.  The respect for all life, the rights of individuals, the duty of government to provide an environment that encourages the creation of wealth through the realization of reward are things that are good for me and for everyone else.  People like to gripe about the percentage that Governor Romney paid on his income tax saying it is unfair.   What is not being said is that Governor Romney has already paid income tax  at the regular rate on dollars he earned by working and that dollars earned through investment (Capital Gains) is taxed as a lesser rate in order to encourage people to invest creating more wealth, more jobs and more opportunity of others to prosper.  This is a simple principle not taught to students in our public schools.    Then there is the fact that Governor Romney gave over $4Million to Charity.  He gave his inheritance away to Brigham Young University.  He took no salary when he saved the Olympics or as Governor of Massachusetts and that he has said that as President he would donate his salary to charity.   He has been a faithful husband, a good father and grandfather, has personally ministered to those less fortunate by giving of himself and not just his money.  I much prefer a man who has achieved success by his own determination and persistence as our leader than a man who has never been an employer, whose experience is limited to teaching people how to be successful victims, whose state legislature experience was limited to voting “present” most of the time and whose Senatorial time was spent campaigning for President.

I won’t go into the reasons that I cannot vote for Mr. Obama other than to say that it has nothing to do with his ethnicity and everything to do with his Socialist ideology and policies that suppress individual freedom, deny the right to life of the unborn, suppress religious liberty, reduces women to the sum of their reproductive parts and promotes all actions and lifestyles as being equally relevant regardless of evidence to the contrary.  I don’t believe our country needs to be fundamentally transformed!

As another blogger often states, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.   All comments are not only welcomed but encouraged!


any takers?

Tuesday Nov. 6th – I’m not a betting woman but if I were I would bet that the results of next weeks election won’t be known for a very long time.  The possibility that will happen seems to be mounting, as polls and pundits alike show a close, close race.  Then again, a few pundits and some bloggers are saying Romney will win in a landslide, is that possible?  I can hope so….

Libya – Who is on first?  So much spin, a lot of evidence of lies and cover up, requests for military backup that were denied, four dead Americans, rumors of weapons shipments to Syria, conspiracy about a botched kidnapping, General Ham fired, investigations, testimony……

Fast and Furious, Ft. Hood workplace violence or terrorism, youth camps, Obamacare, Iranian nukes, Israel, economy, sequestration, gun rights, religious liberty, the FED, bankrupt states, free speech, riots after election, marshall law, taxes, fiscal cliff, definition of marriage, pro-life or pr0-death, …….so many problems, so many questions……..

Why does it cost billions of dollars to run for President, the salary ain’t THAT good?  That is a rhetorical question…. ;-/….

Will we be better off four years from now?

Will women voters from Ohio decide this election?  God Help Us…….

Can a President win re-election and be impeached at the same time?

I have been MIA for a while now even though I have started many posts I just can’t seem to gather my thoughts well enough to express my frustration adequately, so I haven’t posted them.  My one assurance and the best one is that God’s plan will be done!

Any thoughts?  Any sure bets?


So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.  Revelation 3:16.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released an analytic study today titled, Nones on the Rise, now that one in five Americans (19.6%) claim no religious identity.  This is a disturbing trend and does not bode well for our country, our freedom of religion or any of our other freedoms.

I think there is a perception among the general population that ‘Christians’ are or should be perfect people.  Nothing could be farther from reality.  Christians are sinners, as are all people with one difference, the saving grace of Christ Jesus.  Followers of Christ are to strive for perfection just like a runner in a marathon.  Most marathon runners just want to finish the race and by so doing count it as a victory, a race well run, even if they come in last.

In today’s world any behavior, any life style, any ideology is seen as acceptable because the majority finds no one who is capable or qualified to judge.   That is because they have no spiritual experience and have no concept of God the Creator, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  God’s Holy Word is filled with accounts of civilizations that no longer exist simply because they refused to know God.  Many scientific scholars over the centuries have backed up Biblical history, yet mankind continues to repeat the mistakes humanity has been making since the beginning of time.  God has sent many messengers to tell people that not only is their soul eternal but that on the day of judgement each person’s soul will either reside in the peace of heaven or the pain of hell.

These messengers have been judged by the people as unworthy to deliver such a message not understanding that the message is from God and not from the messenger.  Sometimes messengers in their zeal for God are guilty of adding to or taking away from the message.  This is where discernment on the part of those hearing the message is important.  In order to evaluate the message it should be backed up by searching the scriptures which when studied with a sincere, humble and prayerful countenance will reveal the truth.  People, like fruit trees can be judged by their fruit.  Strong healthy trees produce strong, healthy, good tasting fruit and vice versa for weakened, diseased trees.

Obedience that results out of love will grow stronger sustaining us to complete our race.  Obedience that results only out of fear cannot last because of its selfish motive.  Believers fear for the unbelieving out of love, knowing that they will be held accountable for failure to spread the good news of God’s love and the saving grace procured through the perfect sacrifice of His Son and our Savior Christ Jesus.

If a Christian offends you personally with a message that makes you feel they are being intolerant,  I would just urge you to ask yourself ‘why?’.  If you find that this person shows no signs of having any animosity or self-serving purpose, just take the time to evaluate their message.  Because we all have been blessed with our own ‘free will’, the choice is ultimately our own.  God will judge our choices and our souls will all spend eternity based on them.

Grace and peace to both give and receive God’s message with an open mind and a humble heart, with boldness that comes from faith that all things are possible with God!


respect for elders….

That is what I was taught and I do, that is when I can find someone who is older than I am, thankfully my hubby is my elder.  Life is funny, when we are young and see an older person we feel like it can never happen to us and may even feel sorrow for them.  Then one day, almost suddenly you realize that young people are treating you differently.  I remember the first time a clerk at the grocery store called me ma’am.  I knew they were being respectful but it was one of those early hints that I no longer look like I think I look.

I can’t say that I have gone out of my way to conceal my age.  My hair started graying around age 50 and the next thing I knew I had white streaks!  Yikes, I thought and tried coloring it for a while.  That is when I noticed that my hair had taken to growing really fast and soon I just said ‘heck with it’ and let mother nature take her course.  Yesterday I turned 63 and now the wrinkles are catching up with my hair!!!  I have some wrinkle stuff I put on my face sometimes, usually when I look in the magnifying mirror and scare myself.  My strategy has been to stop looking, I think I have mentioned in the past that my alter ego is Scarlett O’Hara, the queen of ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’.

I’m not in bad shape physically except that I find myself nodding off if I sit down in my recliner for more than 5 minutes.  I once laughed at people who did that, now the joke is on me.  That saying, ‘a body in motion tends to stay in motion’ is true.  Only problem is that after a whole day working in the yard I have to go to bed that night and then the body is no longer in motion and it takes another two weeks to get it going again.

I’m not sure if being treated more kindly is a sign of respect or a sign of pity but I suppose either way it is a perk.  I got in a movie recently for half price but what hurt was that I didn’t know they gave a reduced rate for seniors and the child at the ticket window just assumed I was a senior!  Since my birthday is in October I didn’t start school until I was almost 6 years old, so I was the oldest in my class.  Then just before I turned 18 years old the legal age to buy beer and vote, the legal age was changed to 21.  Then right before I turned 21 the legal age was once again changed back to 18.  Now as I approach that magic age of 65, Medicare and Social Security are about to be bankrupt!  It seems that I am always a day late and a dollar short!

Tomorrow will mark the 48th anniversary of my first date with my best friend.  We eloped to get married two years later on Oct. 21, so we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in a few more days.  Our journey together has been a wonderful adventure and I am lucky to have the most wonderful partner I could have ever had!  If it is God’s will, we hope to have many more years together and that we will continue to live, love and work together to make more of our dreams come true!   Aging isn’t always easy or fun but it is inevitable!  Making the best of it is a choice!  I pray that on my last day I will be blessed with a quiet, gentle and contented spirit.

I learned everything in grade school….

there was to know about Communism.  I remember crawling under the kitchen table at age 6 when the radio station that my grandmother was listening to ‘The Guiding Light’ on broke in with one of those tests of the emergency warning system.  I was terrified that Russia was going to bomb us and make us live under Communism.   I wasn’t sure what a ‘Sputnik’ was but knew that it was something I didn’t want to ever see.  As I grew older and read the Diary of Ann Frank, learned about Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini my fear of Communism was solidified.

Today, right here in America we have Communist and Socialist political parties endorsing Obama and no one is screaming from the roof tops!  Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chaves endorses Obama!  Shouldn’t that be enough to cause people to question Obama’s agenda?  How did Socialism and Communism become acceptable in American society?  Basically it is because students are not taught the ugly history, the mass genocide, the starvation and the misery associated with these ideologies.  So now we have masses of Americans begging for the utopia that has never existed, eschewing freedom for cradle to grave security.

Last night during the VP debate I watched Joe Biden laugh, snicker, smirk and generally act like a grade school bully… na na na boo boo!

It sickens me to think that this man is only a heartbeat away from the Presidency but what is even worse is that Obama, who is even worse is President and if re-elected will have carte-blanc to fully implement his vision of an America that no freedom loving American will recognize.  It is a shame and ironic that Black Americans who have suffered so much for so long and have overcome so much, don’t recognize that they are trading one plantation from the past for another and it is coming from a Black man, a man whose roots and experiences are very different from Black Americans whose ancestors were slaves.  Maybe it is unfathomable for them to believe that someone they see as one of their own could possibly do something so unthinkable.  Makes my heart hurt….


My friend and fellow blogger LC Aggie Sith over at  Sithy Things, had a give-away last week and I won!  My gift arrived in this morning’s mail and it is so cute and I love it because she made it herself!

DIY Pincushion from Aggie!

It is filled with tiny little scissors, spools of thread, safety pins, straight pins, measuring tape, thimble and needle threader.  How fun to get something made by a friend.  It will sit on my dressing table so that it is handy when I need it!  Thanks Aggie!

can’t buy me love….

Last night in Denver, Mr. Obama learned that substance trumps style!  Afterward, even Prissy Matthews threw him under the bus along with Bill Maher, etc., Twitter was ‘atweet’ with kudos for Romney and thumbs down for the most loved Prezzi ever!

I am sure that the Dem machine got their shovels out and are back to digging for mud to smear Romney with, but they are going to have to do something about BHO’s inability to speak without his teleprompter, his shallow knowledge on everything except golf and basketball, as well as his obvious disdain for being asked hard questions….

about to find out…

what procrastination costs!  Don’t judge me!  This has been a very hard year, not that it is a sufficient reason, but it is an excuse, for getting an extension to get our stuff to the tax guy.  My Mom passed away March 16 after months of illness, daily trips to cancer treatments, getting her admitted to nursing home, cleaning out 50+ years of memories from her home and all the stress that goes with it.  We were so exhausted that for the first time in 45 years we didn’t meet the April 15 date to file our tax return, good thing I am not running for prezzi, huh?  My husbands Mom also passed away on June 16, so we had to file for extensions on both out Mom’s tax returns as well.  We finally got our act together, gathered all of our info and theirs and got it to the tax guy.  Tomorrow we find out whether or not we can afford to live the rest of the year.

I have never really minded paying our taxes, figuring it was better to owe the tax than to not earn enough to owe the tax.  Let it be known, that after the last four years of total waste of tax dollars, I will from this day forward deny every dollar I can legally deny to my not so great Uncle Sam.  No national budget for the last 3 years, pay outs to bankrupt green energy companies, bail out of General Motors ($20+ BILLION that will never be paid back, denying the Keystone pipeline and all of the jobs that would have provided, Obamacare, turning the EPA loose on the energy sector making everything more expensive, it has become crystal clear that even though we still have the right to vote, we no longer have representative government!

I am in no mood to be politically correct!  The Pot needs to do what it expects of the Kettle!  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because I am a conservative that I have any love for any party’s politicians.  Don’t assume that I want dirty water, dirty air, or any of the other ridiculous stuff conservatives are always accused of.  World Peace didn’t break out just because Obama was elected and according to HIS own climatologists the planet is still warming (not that I believe for a minutes that my hair spray has anything to do with it) in spite of HIS promises to calm the heavens and stop the rise of oceans, Unemployment has remained above 8% (totally under the real figure) in spite of HIS promise that it would be at 4% by the time his first term ended, with over 130 executive orders he has effectively ended 200 plus years of our history as a Representative Republic and scrapped the Constitution.  In fairness to HIM, he isn’t the first politician to do it but HE has taken it to a whole new level.  They say our national debt is $16 TRILLION but when you figure in all of the unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, Veteran’s Pensions, etc., can any one say FREAKINGGODZILLION, I don’t know what comes after TRILLION but it really doesn’t matter because no one can count that high anyway….

IF Americans, especially the ones who think RICH people can by any stretch of the imagination, continue to fund them, don’t wake up and realize that the goose that has been laying all those golden eggs is on her death-bed, we can ALL just call the goose cooked!

I may just send the IRS a sympathy card, tell them that like them I failed to budget, spent their money on my food, shelter and healthcare, fuel and energy costs to drive my car and keep warm and made my charitable contributions directly to the people in need avoiding the middle man and that their lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part…..if their track record of inefficiency and bureaucratic stupidity holds, I will be dead before they figure it out and there will be no estate to hold accountable!

Life in the 21st century….


I am an HGTV and Pinterest addict.  I love DIY projects for the house and garden.  Taking old, worn out, rusted stuff and making something useable or just nice to look at.  So I find lots of ideas and inspiration in these two venues.

However, the more I see the more I am convinced that the younger generation will be devastated if they ever do have to eat it up, wear it out, or make it do.  They all want to be ‘GREEN’ you know, yet they don’t want to give up any convenience or high-end amenity to make them look wealthier than they are.  HGTV’s show Property Virgins usually has a young couple (many of them are not married) looking for their first house to purchase.  They all want granite countertops, stainless steel, top of the line appliances, open floor plans, with at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large fenced in yard and a garage.  Nothing wrong with aspiring to own a home but as I watch how ‘picky’ they are I wonder what they would do if they had to start the way my husband and I started.

Owning a home is at the top of the list of the ‘American Dream’ and I am sure we all want our Dream Home.  Today in this economy and the current political climate not just in America but world-wide, this dream is not only fading but soon may become unattainable for the majority of people.  The younger generations of Americans have grown up with a mentality of entitlement.  They look at what their parents have worked a life-time to build and want it all as soon as they get married or finish their education.  They want to walk out of Mom and Dad’s house into one of their own and have all the bell’s a whistles immediately.  I have to wonder if they could survive a great depression as bad or maybe worse than what my grandparents and parents survived.  They are high-minded, hight tech and high maintenance people.  Smart phones, high-speed internet, 60″ flat screen TVs are necessities.

As I watch some of these young folks on their house hunt, it takes me back to a time when we rented a farm.  The farm-house hadn’t been lived in for years and was older than dirt.  It had been taken over by mice, rats, bugs of ALL sorts and a family of raccoons had taken up residence in the attic.  It had a livingroom, two bedrooms, one crude bathroom, kitchen and a mud/utility/storage room.  Old linoleum floors, no insulation, the doors and windows leaked whatever was blowing outside.  There was a beige room, a pepto bismol pick room, baby blue room, navy room and the kitchen was army green.  We walked in and immediately I saw the possibilities, back then we thought we could do anything.  Since we were renting the land to farm, the house was a perk (no monthly rent).  There was no phone line, the road to the house was really a deep sand turning row crossing a neighbor’s farm, there was a television antennae that was about three stories tall and slightly bent, the reception was so bad that we only watched the local news and weather reports.  I gathered my cleaning supplies, vacuüm cleaner and imagination and went to work getting rid of the varmints and their mess.  We painted, caulked, scrubbed, waxed, de-bugged and put out poison under the house and in the attic.  Within a week the windows were shining, the pictures were hung, and the smell of good food cooking in the kitchen filled the house, we and our two little girls were at home, which we affectionately named ‘Coon Hollar’.  I look back now and smile, wishing I still had that much energy!  There is a lot more to this story but it would probably bore the socks off of everyone, so I’ll just save it for another time….

I know, I’m rambling again.  This is supposed to be about life today but I just needed to look back in time for a bit.  My whole point is that we as Americans are just plain spoiled.  Now that my husband and I have reached our ‘golden years’ it is apparent that they will not be golden.

Survival in this century will be a lot more challenging for younger generations in many ways due mainly to government over-reach into everyday life.  You can no longer buy a car that you can keep running yourself.  Gone are the days when you could put on a new set of points and plugs, replace a carburetor or alternator and keep the old jalopy running.  Things that were once necessities like canning equipment, meat grinders, windmills to pump water without electricity,  smoke houses, root cellars, a milk cow and some chickens and a hog or two are novelties, expensive and not readily available or accepted unless you live in a rural area.  People have to take classes on how to grow a garden.  They think ‘organic’ is something new.

The ability to provide life’s basic necessities (food and shelter) has been systematically taken away from individuals to choose.  There are limitations on everything via safety regulations, etc., which on the surface may have served a purpose but I fear unintended consequences are beginning to play out.  Without the knowledge or ability to self sustain people are left to turn to government to provide what they neither have the knowledge for or are prevented from doing because it has been outlawed by government regulation.  Inventiveness and ingenuity have been discouraged and replaced by an ever-present nanny state.

Maybe I am just an old codger looking back through rose-colored glasses to a time that today’s youth think is pure fantasy.  It is a fantasy today and it makes me sad.  When the individual no longer has the ability or freedom to determine their own destiny, need can no longer be the mother of invention and mankind will stagnate in their own cesspool of government provided equal misery for all.

The freedom of the individual is how America became the land of opportunity and prosperity, providing people with the ability to invent, imagine and improve life for all.  Today we are faced with generations who believe they need protection from too much freedom.  That is a sad commentary of a population who have only the freedom of the individual to thank for all the amazing things they now feel entitled to.  They prefer limited freedom via government for even themselves in order to feel secure from their neighbors, employers, parents, etc.

I often wonder if the pioneering spirit of America is a thing of the past…..I may be crazy but I would love to go back to ‘Coon Hollar’ and to a time that my only limitation was my own ability and imagination!


eye candy….

These are some jewels we got to see last week!  I hyperventilated a lot!  I don’t really see any of today’s autos becoming classics in the future, they all look alike.