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Post election depression is the ‘pits’!  This is the Christmas season, a time to celebrate the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ, a time to remind the world that Peace and Joy aren’t just dreams but are within our ability to find.  You may be wondering where Bethland is.  It is a state of mind, I woke up this morning and realized that our granddaughter, Beth, now 27 and a young wife and mother herself is much wiser than I gave her credit for.  We have teased her, her entire life about living in Bethland.  She is truly one of the kindest, gentlest, sweetest human beings I have ever met.  Her heart is tender and loving, if not the wisest or most logical being on the planet.  Her actions are not ever well thought out, sometimes she doesn’t consider all the ramifications of her decisions, she just does what she sees as necessary at the moment.  She will literally give you the shirt off her back if she thinks you need it more than she does.  Mean people make her cry and her heart breaks for the helpless.  Most of the time though she goes through life just being happy to be here.  Marriage and motherhood have brought ‘hard realities’ like financial worries and a little boy who has no fear of anything, to bear in her life but she still manages to find ‘Bethland’ and it is a wonderful place to be….

Bethland is a place where the sun shines even when it is raining, all clouds have silver linings, all homes are warm and full of love, there are no mean people, all old people, babies, the handicapped, dogs, cats and every other living thing on the planet are loved and taken care of.  All motives are pure and all wishes are fulfilled.   It is a place, the only place this side of heaven where peace prevails.  In Bethland, when the real world invades the response is to push it back out with positive and appropriate responses to the given situation, bringing back hope and comfort in difficult situations.  Being rich doesn’t require wealth, being poor doesn’t mean unhappiness, being sick requires only a spoonful of sugar….

Although Bethland is difficult to find sometimes, it is a place that should be visited often because there is where you can rest, reflect, renew, and just be, for a while, with no assaults from the outside.  It doesn’t require preparation, or travel, no money, and no luggage.  There are some things you cannot take with you though.  All revenge, animosity, and anger must be left behind along with self-pity, ego, self-righteousness and less than honorable motivation.  It is a place where humbleness, kindness and compassion will lead you to where the heart and soul can find the truth behind the message of Christmas.  The message of a Savior and a perfect sacrifice made once and for all for all mankind for all time.  The understanding of contentment with current circumstances because of the freedom that comes from forgiveness for sins both past, present and future.  The knowledge that planet earth is not our home….

You can find it, yours may not be called Bethland but the name you call it doesn’t matter.  Grace and Peace to journey through the season of Christmas with compassion, hope and peace that passes all understanding….God be with you all to celebrate the Savior everyday, all year around!



  1. loopyloo305

    Sounds wonderful, God bless you!

  2. Bethland sounds like a wonderful place. Feel the same way about the election, but that just makes it more important that we live the right way, as an example.

    • Merry Christmas!

      • and to you, and glad to see you back!

  3. I often wonder whether enough Christians take “Bethland” into the world so that non-Christians can experience that love, peace and rest. If the “real” world gets to us, damaging Bethland, the devil wins. In the midst of the possibility of post-election depression, anger, or other negative emotion, I’ve realized that my life is still held by the Lord and that there should be peace in it, no matter what goes on outside. I don’t believe that means disconnecting from the world, but rather bringing as much of the world as possible into my Bethland.

    I have as a Facebook friend the very liberal mother of one of our younger daughter’s friends and the other day, when she “shared” a post of a “picture” that by its wording, called me and fellow religious people bigots and sexists. My initial impulse, felt often before, was to defriend her but that would mean she’d somehow won and would deprive her of getting my conservative comments and posts. 🙂 So I messaged her, telling her what had happened, how I felt and why I believed this to be untrue.

    She replied in an email that she didn’t know what I meant (because the private message isn’t attached to a post), so I copied the picture into my reply and once again stated my position. She actually apologized and said she could see why I felt that way!! I know she’s not going to change her stripes and will undoubtedly post something hateful again. But at least by my Bethland response, I got her to look at what she had re-posted and see what it looked like to those it was meant to insult.

    “Keep the faith” has never been more true, yet we also need to give it away. Christmas is the perfect time for that. So keep it and give it away and have a wonderful Christmas season in Bethland and elsewhere.

  4. Beth

    Wow meme! Thank u for this! Words cannot express how good this made me feel, love u with my whole heart and I’m sure most of bethland got its goods from luraland (ooh, like how that sounds) 🙂 love u!!!

    • Poppa and I are very proud of you!!!!

  5. What a great description and analysis. It was an eye opener. And a peaceful, joyful season to you too.

    • Merry Christmas!

      • Have a Merry Christmas. I think that is just the place for enjoying it.

      • Thanks bullfight! It is a very nice place and hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. “You can find it, yours may not be called Bethland but the name you call it doesn’t matter. Grace and Peace to journey through the season of Christmas with compassion, hope and peace that passes all understanding….God be with you all to celebrate the Savior everyday, all year around!”

    Amen, FOH. Every day is a HOLiYDAY!

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