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some things you just can’t change….

God grant me the wisdom to know when to move along.  People on FB are still clueless as to what happened on election day.  I’m not talking about rumors of election fraud, who voted and who didn’t or any of that stuff.  I am talking about the fact that you cannot force businesses to operate at a loss.  If you voted for Obama and you work full-time for a small to medium size business you just cut off your own nose to spite your own face.  At best you will retain a part-time job, at worst you won’t have a job.  Yes, you may qualify for unemployment benefits but where do you suppose government is going to get the money to write you a check?  If you are all for raising taxes on the top 1% congratulations it is going to happen and you can breathe easier knowing that the Federal government will run an extra 6 days in 2013 because of it.  Wow, what a bargain that is….

I have been trying for days now to think of something positive to post about the state of our nation….(crickets chirping).   The goose (taxpayers) that has always been laying the golden eggs is about to be cooked, Hope you enjoy the Change for your Thanksgiving!  Obviously there is nothing I can do to change that.

So moving right along….something I can change is my attitude.  I know that one way or the other God will provide for those who stand on His side because ALL things work to the good of those who are and that is the only place I want to be.   That may be a little too simplistic for some but my Faith in God is the only sure thing I have and it will be more than enough….

If it is the will of God America will emerge stronger or the other side of this, if not His plan will unfold.  I pray for the serenity and wisdom to be the person He wants me to be.



  1. IMO you hit the nail on the head here, FOH. We need to respect the Lord’s overall plan and not constantly question why He allows this or that to happen. Yea, I know how hard it is to do this. But that is the only way I know of that one can experience peace and joy in these times. The Lord has been and always will be in control. And let’s face it, He saves us as individuals, not in groups. Oh, imagine that … the founders understood the sovereignty of the individual.

    • Thank you for responding Mrs. AL! I too am always learning, albeit slowly sometimes. I have reached a point after over a decade of trying to raise awareness that I feel my limited outreach is saturated. Now is the time to find the joy in my daily life through loving those around me and hugging them close. Our little 4 year old granddaughter called us this morning asking to come spend the night with us. This is just pure joy for us and nothing can take that joy away! I have simply had to take a step back from the daily assaults coming from government, just to maintain sanity! God Bless you and yours Mrs. AL!

  2. Exactly! A basic economics course or, I would think, common sense, would tell people that “the government will pay for it” means that said gov’t is going to put its sticky fingers in your wallet and take whatever they can. And yes, amazingly, businesses have to make money to stay in business and if their costs increase, something happens–their prices go up, they lay people off, they make more people part time, or some combination of these. Forgot one option–they go out of business, thus putting all their workers into the new, shrinking job market.

    I try to look at this as an opportunity to realize once again that we are to trust in the Lord, not fallible human leaders, even when (or especially when) they think they know exactly what we should be doing and paying for. I prayed that we would get the government we needed, not the one we deserved, but we didn’t. Bill will undoubtedly say we got what we deserved but I feel I got what someone else deserved because I did vote for change.

    • I prayed that same prayer but had the nagging feeling that God has a different plan. I trust His judgement and will take my cues from HIM thru HIS Word. Where we are personally is a bit disconcerting but we will adjust…God Bless you and yours!

  3. I posted this elsewhere, but I think it would be appropriate here, too 🙂


    Yes, we are still in shock. Yes, we as conservatives underestimated the greed of those who believe they are entitled to everything by virtue of being in this country. Notice I did not say “being citizens”. Leeches abound regardless of citizenship.

    But we will not be broken.

    We have something no other country enjoys. I have lived and visited many places, and they all lack what we have here. It’s not pride. Having lived in Germany I witnessed how they lack pride of country, bringing out their flags only during the World Cup, and forgetting about countrymen such as Otto von Bismarck and Baron von Richthofen. You may counter with how the French are prideful braggarts and I would disagree. Oh, they have pride in their food and their language, and even of their citizenship, since they manage to hold those unlucky enough not to be born of French blood to be second class citizens. But country? Hell, they couldn’t tell me what building had been razed where the New Opera House stands. They think nothing of pissing against the wall of La Madeleine, not understanding the architectural and historical treasure it represents. To them, Napoleon is a dead guy, and Louis a common name. The Brits are not much better. They may rejoice in their former glory, but when it comes down to Socialism, they are quite happy to lay back and think of England. They carry so much guilt it shines like the sun off the Cliffs of Dover.

    No, we will not be broken. We have something they all lost long ago. Something they are unwilling to find, and unwilling to get back.

    We have our American Spirit. And that, my friends, is something even the progressive culture can never take away. This cancer will eat at them, too. But unlike them, we will prevail, because it is in our veins to rise from the ashes and succeed.

    And we teach our children to rise and succeed, and that is something this government, nor its progressive vultures can not do. I have hope, and they can not take it. I have faith, and they can not take it. And I have love for this country and everything it stands for, and they will NEVER take that away, no matter how hard they try to rewrite History.

  4. FOH,
    When I get overly upset by something, I ask for God’s help and then let it go. God will provide somehow when we are in need. If it weren’t for God’s guiding Hands I would not have been able to get through my son’s death. I’m still here 4 years later. God works in mysterious ways.

    • Yes, He does work in mysterious ways pepp!

  5. thedrpete

    Just to change the tone a tad, just a smidgen, if POTUS gets congress to raise the marginal tax rate on the top 2% (That’s his now stated goal), revenues to the Treasury from those 2% will DECLINE, not increase.

    • Yes, I know drpete, which means they will raise taxes on EVERYONE! Most employers won’t pass on the increasing costs un Obamacare to their employees they will cut hours or cut jobs.

  6. my friend sent this from the New York Times: According to a Pew Research poll taken last year, 49% of Americans age 18-29 have a positive view of socialism while just 46% have a positive view of capitalism

    garbage in at the school, garbage out….

    • Unfortunately you are so right, but then they were never taught the real history of Socialism and what it always leads to…

      • It’s a little like Jacob and Esau, we are observers watching a nation sell it’s freedom false promises.

      • Very true. There are many parallels from the Old Testament in regard to God’s people and how He dealt with their disobedience and what we are seeing today in our country. Must we relearn those lessons!

      • probably. It saddens me.

      • Me too…

      • but like Mother Theresa said… we are not called to be successful, but faithful.

      • Priorities definitely need to change..

  7. Che sera, sera as the signore said…and I suppose we’d be facing little difference under a Romney administration; the money just isn’t there and no president can change that, right?

    Seems likely we’ll divide into those busy saving themselves and those rioting in the streets because the government hasn’t saved them. And seems to me too, all this is a very old pattern, so old that it even turns up in Bible stories and history books.

    Like you, I’m going to roll up sleeves and work through what’s coming best I can, not sit around whining about it all…Don’t recall hearing God ever said it would be easy!,.

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