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I will not ‘Stand Down’….

The message consistently from the Obama Administration over the last 4 years to Christians has been to ‘Stand Down’.  This in itself is evidence to me that Obama is not a Christian.  Separating moral principles, faith and the Gospel message from everyday life is impossible for the Christian.  It is part of their fabric, their soul and dictates their actions.  While we being far from perfect as every Christian will tell you, the continual goal is toward perfection.   It cannot be separated from how we vote.

The attempt to exclude God from the Democrat Platform and their big Convention as well as embracing same-sex marriage, the attack on Religious Freedom through Obamacare mandates to provide birth control and abortion drugs, the attacks to remove all references to God in our Pledge of Allegiance, on symbols of Christianity in town squares and even on private property, along with many other examples of denigration of good moral behavior by the radical Progressive Left is obvious.

God’s people will not ‘Stand Down’ for their strength and faith won’t fail them and they know it.  They will continue to be the people they are called to be because of reasons the Secular world will never understand.  During the 2008 election the majority of  the Christian community abdicated their voice by not voting because they saw no good choice but they now understand what they are up against and will turn out to oust Obama.  They will vote for Romney not because they embrace his religion but because the way he has lived his life is far better than what they have learned and seen through the actions of Obama and his entire administration over the last 4 years.

They now see that the Emperor truly has no clothes, the wolf cannot hide under the mask of the sheep.  Pollsters are telling us the Election is too close to call.  They are counting early and absentee votes by party registration.  I believe that Christian Democrats exist in large numbers and that when they sent in their ballots or went to their polling place to cast their early vote that they did not toe the party line.  We will see, but if my hunch is right this election is not as close as what we are being told.

Christians have certainly been too passive for way too long in allowing the messages coming out of the media, television, public schools and Hollywood to invade the minds of their own children.  That has to change if our nation is to remain a Free country…..

Mr. Romney is not a perfect man, he will not please everyone, and he cannot change the course we are on without a lot of guidance from ‘we the people’.  Our voices cannot go silent after this election no matter who wins!

We changed our clocks last night and we must change our President on Tuesday!!!!



  1. It galls me that we as Christians are always lectured by those who despise us to “turn the other cheek”. Just how many cheeks do they think we have?? If they understood Scripture, they would NOT be repeating that.

    Jesus took a stand. Let us never forget that.

  2. Christians are to love sinners but not validate the sins…and we’re all sinners. This country was built on Christian principles which too many in authority are now trying to take away from us. These days it seems as though the only freedom regarding religion is freedom from religion, not of religion…unless your religion is Islam, in which case the government, schools and others will bend over backward to accommodate you. Universities have foot baths and places to pray for Muslims, yet want to kick Christians off campus and Christ out of anything except cursing. Time to take back the country in a firm, but loving way. That last saying, which is see all over, is one to which I totally subscribe. My prayer is “God grant us the government we need, not the one we may deserve.”

    • You are so right Janet. If there is one thing I am sure of it is that God doesn’t change. He is in charge and throughout history He has dealt with His people according to their obedience or disobedience. Lot and his family were the only Godly people left in S/G and He warned Lot so that he could take his family out and save them….

  3. I hope you are right, FOH, that all Christians vote tomorrow to let it be known that we will not put up with a godless man any longer. I keep praying for it. All Christians should be angry about how religion is being squashed by this administration until they run it out of our Christian. I do not believe Obama is a Christian, but a Muslim or possibly an atheist. We need to get on the road again with values, morals and ethics as a centerpiece of our country.

  4. I meant run Christianity out of our country. Whoops. I am so tired because we, both the Hawk and I have not slept well for several days.

    • I don’t know God’s plan for America now but I do know that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. We cannot let up even if Romney wins, we must demand Constitutional adherence! Thanks for the visit!

  5. Joyce

    I am in total agreement here. Good post. It is now one day after election, and we as Christians will need to be in prayer more fervently as I believe God’s plan and his will will be put in place through Obama. It is not because he was the better of the two candidates. As Christians we know Romney was what our country needed during these times, and was our choice who better matched our own values and desires to turn our country back to God. But, I think through Obama we will see God working in ways where he will bring about the things we will see during the end times, as written in Revelation. We can rejoice in that.

    • I concur Joyce. God is the same today as He as always been. His plan will continue to unfold and through the study of His Word I will continue to seek to do my part and be the person He would have me be….still in constant prayer.

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