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I never got a paycheck from a poor man….

Why do people demonize the so-called ‘Rich’?  Is it because ‘victim’ status is easier than imitating what the rich man does?  This is something I have never understood, after all anyone that has more money than I do could be thought of as rich.  Personally, I am very thankful for rich people who pay the lion’s share of taxes, who would do that if not the rich?   At some point ‘rich people’ will retreat, seeing that exerting themselves more and investing in expanding their businesses will not give a good rate of return for their efforts.  Then where will the largess of government come from?  You cannot force people to work harder when the reward isn’t there.  The individual is the smallest ‘minority’ and our Constitution guarantees every individual Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The ‘general welfare clause’ is constantly misconstrued and used as an excuse for government to pick winners and losers.   The words ‘general welfare’ indicates what is good for the overall population.  Things like interstate roadways, the railroads, the electrical grid, the defense of our borders and sovereignty, etc., are things that serve the welfare of everyone.  When government takes tax dollars to create ‘special interest’ spending it does not serve the general welfare.  What is does do is create loyal voters who were picked as ‘favorites’ for politicians to exploit for their vote.

The causes of economic inequality are varied but the main cause starts with the determination level of each individual.  Abraham Lincoln is a prime example of what sheer determination to self educate is the main factor that lead him to achieve greatness.  If everyone had that kind of persistence and determination there would be a lot more.  It wasn’t that Lincoln was smarter or more talented than others of his time, it was his own initiative that propelled him in spite of the circumstances of his birth, where he was raised or who his parents were.  It is the same story for everyone who has ever achieved their ultimate dreams.  Then there are those who achieve great things but never were recognized during their own lifetimes.  Great works of art were created by people who did those things out of their passion for the process.  Would they cry foul today if they could know that their works of art bring hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars?  I don’t think so because they did what they wanted to do with what they had.

The founders warned us that our form of government was only suitable for a moral people.  The evidence that our founding was based on Biblical principles from the founding documents to the design of the Capitol to the many inscriptions on our national monuments as well as the personal writings of those great men is undeniable, no matter how much some would like us to believe that we have a purely secular form of government.  America is the only country in the history of man to recognize the individual as the best determiner of his own destiny.  We have been for over two centuries the most free people in the history of man.  However, during my own lifetime I have seen much loss of liberty through government regulation and it doesn’t set well with me.  America has always been a place that you didn’t need to be rich to be comfortable and that is a great gift because wealth creation was never my first priority.

The poor have ever and will always be with us.  We are charged to attend to the needs of the helpless and America has ever been the most generous of people.  Charity is a job totally unsuited to government and is always served more efficiently at local levels by individuals and organizations that minister directly to the specific needs of the poor, the ill, the orphan, the widow and the elderly.

Debt is never a good thing whether it is individual debt or national debt.  The idea that government can spend us back to prosperity is pure fantasy.  There is a limit on every credit card and the piper always has to be paid in the end.  Taking out of the pocket of individuals and passing it on to future generations to allow government to dispense charity always leads of fraud and abuse by both sides of the equation.  Every individual in America is already obligated to almost $200,000 of the national debt (if it were equally spread over the population) and it rises hourly at alarming levels.  The more dollars government creates out of thin air makes every dollar we earn worth less and that is the most stealth and egregious taxation of all.

I have already voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket not because they are perfect men but because they have articulated Constitutional principles in the same way I believe them to be.   They live their own lives by moral principles that I find in agreement with my own.  The respect for all life, the rights of individuals, the duty of government to provide an environment that encourages the creation of wealth through the realization of reward are things that are good for me and for everyone else.  People like to gripe about the percentage that Governor Romney paid on his income tax saying it is unfair.   What is not being said is that Governor Romney has already paid income tax  at the regular rate on dollars he earned by working and that dollars earned through investment (Capital Gains) is taxed as a lesser rate in order to encourage people to invest creating more wealth, more jobs and more opportunity of others to prosper.  This is a simple principle not taught to students in our public schools.    Then there is the fact that Governor Romney gave over $4Million to Charity.  He gave his inheritance away to Brigham Young University.  He took no salary when he saved the Olympics or as Governor of Massachusetts and that he has said that as President he would donate his salary to charity.   He has been a faithful husband, a good father and grandfather, has personally ministered to those less fortunate by giving of himself and not just his money.  I much prefer a man who has achieved success by his own determination and persistence as our leader than a man who has never been an employer, whose experience is limited to teaching people how to be successful victims, whose state legislature experience was limited to voting “present” most of the time and whose Senatorial time was spent campaigning for President.

I won’t go into the reasons that I cannot vote for Mr. Obama other than to say that it has nothing to do with his ethnicity and everything to do with his Socialist ideology and policies that suppress individual freedom, deny the right to life of the unborn, suppress religious liberty, reduces women to the sum of their reproductive parts and promotes all actions and lifestyles as being equally relevant regardless of evidence to the contrary.  I don’t believe our country needs to be fundamentally transformed!

As another blogger often states, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.   All comments are not only welcomed but encouraged!



  1. FOH,
    Great article and I am completely with you on all of what you wrote. The Constitution gave us the “pursuit of happiness”, not to insure our happiness. So, those people who think the government or anyone else “owes them” is crazy thinking.

    I’ve never been envious of others wealth. I believed that to move ahead in my career I had to work for it and give 110% to move up the ladder and that is what I did and was rewarded for my efforts. I did not expect that any employer just give me more money for no reason, but I’ve known people who think that and become angry when they don’t get rewarded even though they were lazy on the job, never gave much to earn their money. So it was their own fault.

    I’m voting for Romney/Ryan because they are closer to the principles I believe in and finding out more about Romney’s life and how he has lived it, I see a man of very good character. Obama has no character along with other things that I’ve gone into many times and I’m sure you know them. I could never vote for him and I did NOT vote for him in 2008, not because of his color which I could care less about but due to his policies which I do not respect.

    • Thanks pepp! We are two peas in a pod!

  2. Never have understood envy, myself. Seems like a waste of energy and time 🙂

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