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Tuesday Nov. 6th – I’m not a betting woman but if I were I would bet that the results of next weeks election won’t be known for a very long time.  The possibility that will happen seems to be mounting, as polls and pundits alike show a close, close race.  Then again, a few pundits and some bloggers are saying Romney will win in a landslide, is that possible?  I can hope so….

Libya – Who is on first?  So much spin, a lot of evidence of lies and cover up, requests for military backup that were denied, four dead Americans, rumors of weapons shipments to Syria, conspiracy about a botched kidnapping, General Ham fired, investigations, testimony……

Fast and Furious, Ft. Hood workplace violence or terrorism, youth camps, Obamacare, Iranian nukes, Israel, economy, sequestration, gun rights, religious liberty, the FED, bankrupt states, free speech, riots after election, marshall law, taxes, fiscal cliff, definition of marriage, pro-life or pr0-death, …….so many problems, so many questions……..

Why does it cost billions of dollars to run for President, the salary ain’t THAT good?  That is a rhetorical question…. ;-/….

Will we be better off four years from now?

Will women voters from Ohio decide this election?  God Help Us…….

Can a President win re-election and be impeached at the same time?

I have been MIA for a while now even though I have started many posts I just can’t seem to gather my thoughts well enough to express my frustration adequately, so I haven’t posted them.  My one assurance and the best one is that God’s plan will be done!

Any thoughts?  Any sure bets?



  1. Wish I had a sure bet, but this Ohio woman has already cast her vote for Romney/Ryan as has our younger daughter from Philly via the USPS. Praying that there isn’t massive voter fraud. I’m not at all confident that those working at the Board of Elections in NE Ohio will do everything correctly, but I pray I’m wrong.

    As the news from Libya unfolds, not reported much by the MSM, it just gets worse and worse. Either the President lied when he said he immediately ordered help or else you have to believe that the general in charge deliberately disobeyed orders. Bless those men who went in even though they were told to stand down and even though several died. With a drone and other eyes on or above the ground, they knew in real time what was happening and that it wasn’t video-related.\

    Right now my prayers are concentrated on Hurricane Sandy and all those in its path. My prayer is that the Lord will turn it out to the Atlantic but either way, that He would protect everyone and thing in its path. One of my s-i-ls and I are scheduled to visit Megan in Philly this weekend when, hopefully, it will be safe to do so.

    So much going on. I agree with you that thankfully the Lord is in control!!

  2. Paula Lowrie

    I do take comfort in knowing that God’s will be ultimately be done!!

    • I think about Peter’s attempt to walk on water to meet Jesus and know that His hand is outstretched to all who will take it. That is my comfort!

  3. FOH. Hi there! I’m no betting woman so I wouldn’t bet on this election. What really bothers me at this point is the massive voter fraud that will be done to keep this monster in the WH.

    I have been feeling as frustrated as you and have not posted so much over the last several weeks. Sometimes I think what more can I say? I have started articles too and scrapped them because I could not seem to finish what I was writing. We have a very serious situation here with the path the King Obama has us on.

    How many people are getting the message and I know I am helpless in trying to change things. I hate feeling that out of control but it is in God’s Hands in the end.

    This is one of the most miserable 4 years of my life. Not just with Obamacide but with other events as well. But, perhaps God wanted to teach us all a lesson and if we have not learned by now, I think He will continue for this to go on which is a horrible thought.

    • pepp, you summed up how I feel quite well. I do think God has allowed time for a wake up call and I hope that it has been heard. If not, …..

  4. I’m with you on that. If it ain’t a landslide for Romney, all the tactics will come out for Obama. Basically, it means whatever they have to do to win. He’s already tried saying whetever he has to, now they will do whatever they have to do.

  5. Though our political ideologies are far apart, I appreciate your views. I will be glad when the election is over. I think everyone who preaches and prays about this election and can actually support rich people whose religious philosophy is so different from those they have lured into following them need to read the US Constitution….

    • I welcome replies, forgot to check it-oops!

      • Thanks for commenting bee bee. I’m not sure about our differences but looks like we agree the election needs to be over. I’m not too clear on the meaning of you last sentence so I won’t assume anything. Where ever you are tonight I hope that you are safe. I am praying for all those on the eastern seaboard in harm’s way.

      • 😉

      • I forgot to say that the US Constitution is near and dear to my heart.

      • I hope that our country can wade through the politics and keep what we came here for-it seems so many politicians are just that-all words,I think a lot of them should have a look at why our country was formed-perhaps we know know more about it than many of them, What I mean is that looking closely at what Romney does and what he says leaves a big gap for the average worker. Im rather surprised he has become so popular when he placates to “Christians” who do not believe his religion is even based on Biblical philosophy-.Our country was built on freedom to believe as we wish, though. I see what happens in our country as much larger than who we elect-but it does frighten me when too many from one position get into office. There seems to be no real debate about what is fair or right when there is no exchange of opinion. beebee

      • For me as a christian, Romney’s religion isn’t as important as the way he conducts his personal life. I find that he does live by Biblical principles, the intricacies of Mormanism aren’t my focus. I find the opposite true of Obama. I do believe that we surround ourselves with people who we identify with and the fact that Obama has always surrounded himself with radicals, Socialists, Communists and Marxists is enough to tell me that he doesn’t believe in our Constitution and in fact has said so. The gridlock in Washington has come from his refusal to even meet or talk to the other side and Reid in the Senate won’t even bring up bills that have passed in the House. It is difficult to compromise when you can’t get the other side to even debate. The debt is crushing us and will crush future generations. I do believe that Romney will be more likely to work with the other side of the isle, he did it when he was Governor of a very blue state. On another plane….how does one deal with the devil?

  6. Seems to me, billions are spent to advertise two packages whose highly similar contents fail to match the printed descriptions, The voters in this lottery are allowed to push a button. What that button connects to, if anything, is entirely unreported, invisible and unknown. Every inch of this process is controlled by a Democrat or a Republican, supervised by people in Washington DC who supply money. The voters are content with this and therefore, have no right to complain of its results.

    The results, whoever wins Tuesday notwithstanding, will continue to degenerate, ultimately leading to complaints from voters and things will not be nice for a long time.
    That said, a Christian or a Jew will be happier if Romney wins since he seems likely to back off Obama’s attacks on the churches.

    There! You got all that absolutely free, and worth every penney!

    • Thanks Jack! I agree with a lot of what you said. However, I think that the only way to change things is to work on the party. The Tea Party movement has helped. A lot of former Republicans, like me now identify as Independents. I lean heavily Libertarian. It will take time to make that more palatable. Ron Paul got farther this year than ever before. I do have my issues with social issues but think that a lot of that would go away if government would just get out of it! Again, thanks for taking the time to opine!!!!! 😉

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