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So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.  Revelation 3:16.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released an analytic study today titled, Nones on the Rise, now that one in five Americans (19.6%) claim no religious identity.  This is a disturbing trend and does not bode well for our country, our freedom of religion or any of our other freedoms.

I think there is a perception among the general population that ‘Christians’ are or should be perfect people.  Nothing could be farther from reality.  Christians are sinners, as are all people with one difference, the saving grace of Christ Jesus.  Followers of Christ are to strive for perfection just like a runner in a marathon.  Most marathon runners just want to finish the race and by so doing count it as a victory, a race well run, even if they come in last.

In today’s world any behavior, any life style, any ideology is seen as acceptable because the majority finds no one who is capable or qualified to judge.   That is because they have no spiritual experience and have no concept of God the Creator, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  God’s Holy Word is filled with accounts of civilizations that no longer exist simply because they refused to know God.  Many scientific scholars over the centuries have backed up Biblical history, yet mankind continues to repeat the mistakes humanity has been making since the beginning of time.  God has sent many messengers to tell people that not only is their soul eternal but that on the day of judgement each person’s soul will either reside in the peace of heaven or the pain of hell.

These messengers have been judged by the people as unworthy to deliver such a message not understanding that the message is from God and not from the messenger.  Sometimes messengers in their zeal for God are guilty of adding to or taking away from the message.  This is where discernment on the part of those hearing the message is important.  In order to evaluate the message it should be backed up by searching the scriptures which when studied with a sincere, humble and prayerful countenance will reveal the truth.  People, like fruit trees can be judged by their fruit.  Strong healthy trees produce strong, healthy, good tasting fruit and vice versa for weakened, diseased trees.

Obedience that results out of love will grow stronger sustaining us to complete our race.  Obedience that results only out of fear cannot last because of its selfish motive.  Believers fear for the unbelieving out of love, knowing that they will be held accountable for failure to spread the good news of God’s love and the saving grace procured through the perfect sacrifice of His Son and our Savior Christ Jesus.

If a Christian offends you personally with a message that makes you feel they are being intolerant,  I would just urge you to ask yourself ‘why?’.  If you find that this person shows no signs of having any animosity or self-serving purpose, just take the time to evaluate their message.  Because we all have been blessed with our own ‘free will’, the choice is ultimately our own.  God will judge our choices and our souls will all spend eternity based on them.

Grace and peace to both give and receive God’s message with an open mind and a humble heart, with boldness that comes from faith that all things are possible with God!




  1. Excellent post. We are a work in process and yet called out.. But it does bug me the way the world standards, or lack of, work. It’s funny they can be anti-judgemental…till a Christian comes along and all of a sudden all these rules and judgements appply that they don’t even care about. (and things they don’t understand) You see it everywhere especially in politics.

    • I have seen it many times. They invoke God, the Bible and Christ when it is convenient. I believe that will not be looked upon favorably on their day of judgement by God, not me. I truly wish that everyone could know the peace that comes when we are striving to live as we are commanded, knowing that we fall short but are forgiven constantly by the blood of Christ’s perfect sacrifice.

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    God bless you!!!!

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    Hi I have tagged you for the blog-A-thon via Biltrix! Please see my post for rules and info. Sorry to post this in the comments- I wasn’t sure how else to reach you. God bless!

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