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That is what I was taught and I do, that is when I can find someone who is older than I am, thankfully my hubby is my elder.  Life is funny, when we are young and see an older person we feel like it can never happen to us and may even feel sorrow for them.  Then one day, almost suddenly you realize that young people are treating you differently.  I remember the first time a clerk at the grocery store called me ma’am.  I knew they were being respectful but it was one of those early hints that I no longer look like I think I look.

I can’t say that I have gone out of my way to conceal my age.  My hair started graying around age 50 and the next thing I knew I had white streaks!  Yikes, I thought and tried coloring it for a while.  That is when I noticed that my hair had taken to growing really fast and soon I just said ‘heck with it’ and let mother nature take her course.  Yesterday I turned 63 and now the wrinkles are catching up with my hair!!!  I have some wrinkle stuff I put on my face sometimes, usually when I look in the magnifying mirror and scare myself.  My strategy has been to stop looking, I think I have mentioned in the past that my alter ego is Scarlett O’Hara, the queen of ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’.

I’m not in bad shape physically except that I find myself nodding off if I sit down in my recliner for more than 5 minutes.  I once laughed at people who did that, now the joke is on me.  That saying, ‘a body in motion tends to stay in motion’ is true.  Only problem is that after a whole day working in the yard I have to go to bed that night and then the body is no longer in motion and it takes another two weeks to get it going again.

I’m not sure if being treated more kindly is a sign of respect or a sign of pity but I suppose either way it is a perk.  I got in a movie recently for half price but what hurt was that I didn’t know they gave a reduced rate for seniors and the child at the ticket window just assumed I was a senior!  Since my birthday is in October I didn’t start school until I was almost 6 years old, so I was the oldest in my class.  Then just before I turned 18 years old the legal age to buy beer and vote, the legal age was changed to 21.  Then right before I turned 21 the legal age was once again changed back to 18.  Now as I approach that magic age of 65, Medicare and Social Security are about to be bankrupt!  It seems that I am always a day late and a dollar short!

Tomorrow will mark the 48th anniversary of my first date with my best friend.  We eloped to get married two years later on Oct. 21, so we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in a few more days.  Our journey together has been a wonderful adventure and I am lucky to have the most wonderful partner I could have ever had!  If it is God’s will, we hope to have many more years together and that we will continue to live, love and work together to make more of our dreams come true!   Aging isn’t always easy or fun but it is inevitable!  Making the best of it is a choice!  I pray that on my last day I will be blessed with a quiet, gentle and contented spirit.



  1. Congratulations on the anniversary!! Bill and I didn’t get married until I was 30, so we’re only on 28 this year, but 28 good years is a blessing!!

    We always taught our girls to be respectful of their elders but I have to admit that they way some older people act makes it difficult. When the girls were little and an older person would cut us off in the store or in the line (as if we don’t exist if they don’t look at us), the girls were taken aback. I still believe you should be respectful towards elders, but sometimes it has to be just because you should and not because they actually deserve it by any behavior. (After the VP debate, I felt the same way about the current VP’s rude and obnoxious behavior.)

    • you are so right, some elders are too busy being cranky because they are old!!! I definitely do not respect the VP!

  2. congratulations! May each day be special for you.

  3. thedrpete

    From a septuagenarian to you, good wishes. This gettin old aint for sissies.

    • Hi drpete! Been missing you around here. NO, it’s not for sissies and when you add all the worries about Obamacare it is downright scary! I suppose it is a right of passage but I am having a hard time adjusting, LOL!

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