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I learned everything in grade school….

there was to know about Communism.  I remember crawling under the kitchen table at age 6 when the radio station that my grandmother was listening to ‘The Guiding Light’ on broke in with one of those tests of the emergency warning system.  I was terrified that Russia was going to bomb us and make us live under Communism.   I wasn’t sure what a ‘Sputnik’ was but knew that it was something I didn’t want to ever see.  As I grew older and read the Diary of Ann Frank, learned about Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini my fear of Communism was solidified.

Today, right here in America we have Communist and Socialist political parties endorsing Obama and no one is screaming from the roof tops!  Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chaves endorses Obama!  Shouldn’t that be enough to cause people to question Obama’s agenda?  How did Socialism and Communism become acceptable in American society?  Basically it is because students are not taught the ugly history, the mass genocide, the starvation and the misery associated with these ideologies.  So now we have masses of Americans begging for the utopia that has never existed, eschewing freedom for cradle to grave security.

Last night during the VP debate I watched Joe Biden laugh, snicker, smirk and generally act like a grade school bully… na na na boo boo!

It sickens me to think that this man is only a heartbeat away from the Presidency but what is even worse is that Obama, who is even worse is President and if re-elected will have carte-blanc to fully implement his vision of an America that no freedom loving American will recognize.  It is a shame and ironic that Black Americans who have suffered so much for so long and have overcome so much, don’t recognize that they are trading one plantation from the past for another and it is coming from a Black man, a man whose roots and experiences are very different from Black Americans whose ancestors were slaves.  Maybe it is unfathomable for them to believe that someone they see as one of their own could possibly do something so unthinkable.  Makes my heart hurt….



  1. I remember similar tests while in grade school. Not only do our students not learn about communism and socialism and how flawed they are (why do people risk death to leave?), but the history they learn about the US is revisionist and apologist. Almost all college professors are liberal and too many are socialists a/o communists. Is it any Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn are/were teachers, she at Northwestern? They are both unrepentant terrorists who still hate the United States and make no secret of it and are supporters of President Obama.

    As for black voters, the Republicans were the ones who advocated fighting for their freedom and are currently those want to keep them free from dependence on the government. Black conservatives are excoriated by black liberals and the most vile things are said about them, by the “tolerant” people. It’s quite disgusting!

    When I posted on Facebook that Chavez and Raul Castro’s daughter endorsed Obama, one of my liberal friends said he loved me but what I said was too much and just not true. I posted the links to show that it was, but got no response. You are known both by your friends and your enemies.

    • sometimes people just refuse to see the writing on the wall ;-(

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