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Last night in Denver, Mr. Obama learned that substance trumps style!  Afterward, even Prissy Matthews threw him under the bus along with Bill Maher, etc., Twitter was ‘atweet’ with kudos for Romney and thumbs down for the most loved Prezzi ever!

I am sure that the Dem machine got their shovels out and are back to digging for mud to smear Romney with, but they are going to have to do something about BHO’s inability to speak without his teleprompter, his shallow knowledge on everything except golf and basketball, as well as his obvious disdain for being asked hard questions….



  1. I was reluctant to listen/watch, but it was a sweet, sweet moment (or lots of moments.) Smiles on my face today!

    • I think a lot of us must have said a prayer before the debate!

  2. FOH,
    Sunny smiles at our place this morning but we are so tired after listening to all of the after debate news too. We couldn’t resist listening to all of the bad reviews of Obama. What a rout for Romney.
    Obama cannot answer to the truth thrown at him last night. He was out of his league debating Romney. I’ve already read where the debate last night may have cost Obama the presidency. Too bad. I’m not sad. And I love the Beatles. Still have all their albums.

    • I had to watch the after debate commentary too but like Sarah Palin said, this ain’t over! Obama’s machine just got a big wake up call and they will do what ever they can to bring Romney down. I would not put it past him to do something desperate like shooting at somebody in the middle east to make his creeds better on foreign policy, but who knows? At any rate I am a bit more optimistic today!

  3. FOH,

    Right, we can celebrate today but like Palin said they will bring out something really dirty now that Romney did so well. I put nothing past that little weasel and it was good for Sarah to caution Romney.

    I did forget to say something so noticeable about the picture you put up. Michelle sure looked unhappy last night. Even she knew her husband had blown it big time. There will be machinations in the Obama campaign lying in wait for Romney for the next debate. I think though that after seeing Romney’s performance last night, he is ready for bear.

    • I just watched a clip of Axelrod on CNN with Cindy Crowley trying to spin O’s performance. He was spinning so fast that he caught his own tail, LOL!

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