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what procrastination costs!  Don’t judge me!  This has been a very hard year, not that it is a sufficient reason, but it is an excuse, for getting an extension to get our stuff to the tax guy.  My Mom passed away March 16 after months of illness, daily trips to cancer treatments, getting her admitted to nursing home, cleaning out 50+ years of memories from her home and all the stress that goes with it.  We were so exhausted that for the first time in 45 years we didn’t meet the April 15 date to file our tax return, good thing I am not running for prezzi, huh?  My husbands Mom also passed away on June 16, so we had to file for extensions on both out Mom’s tax returns as well.  We finally got our act together, gathered all of our info and theirs and got it to the tax guy.  Tomorrow we find out whether or not we can afford to live the rest of the year.

I have never really minded paying our taxes, figuring it was better to owe the tax than to not earn enough to owe the tax.  Let it be known, that after the last four years of total waste of tax dollars, I will from this day forward deny every dollar I can legally deny to my not so great Uncle Sam.  No national budget for the last 3 years, pay outs to bankrupt green energy companies, bail out of General Motors ($20+ BILLION that will never be paid back, denying the Keystone pipeline and all of the jobs that would have provided, Obamacare, turning the EPA loose on the energy sector making everything more expensive, it has become crystal clear that even though we still have the right to vote, we no longer have representative government!

I am in no mood to be politically correct!  The Pot needs to do what it expects of the Kettle!  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because I am a conservative that I have any love for any party’s politicians.  Don’t assume that I want dirty water, dirty air, or any of the other ridiculous stuff conservatives are always accused of.  World Peace didn’t break out just because Obama was elected and according to HIS own climatologists the planet is still warming (not that I believe for a minutes that my hair spray has anything to do with it) in spite of HIS promises to calm the heavens and stop the rise of oceans, Unemployment has remained above 8% (totally under the real figure) in spite of HIS promise that it would be at 4% by the time his first term ended, with over 130 executive orders he has effectively ended 200 plus years of our history as a Representative Republic and scrapped the Constitution.  In fairness to HIM, he isn’t the first politician to do it but HE has taken it to a whole new level.  They say our national debt is $16 TRILLION but when you figure in all of the unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, Veteran’s Pensions, etc., can any one say FREAKINGGODZILLION, I don’t know what comes after TRILLION but it really doesn’t matter because no one can count that high anyway….

IF Americans, especially the ones who think RICH people can by any stretch of the imagination, continue to fund them, don’t wake up and realize that the goose that has been laying all those golden eggs is on her death-bed, we can ALL just call the goose cooked!

I may just send the IRS a sympathy card, tell them that like them I failed to budget, spent their money on my food, shelter and healthcare, fuel and energy costs to drive my car and keep warm and made my charitable contributions directly to the people in need avoiding the middle man and that their lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part…..if their track record of inefficiency and bureaucratic stupidity holds, I will be dead before they figure it out and there will be no estate to hold accountable!



  1. Preachin’ to the choir, my dear! I don’t even believe in global warming, along with thousands of highly reputable scientists. Not saying I’m a scientist, but I have seen stats on the changes in temperatures over the years and temperatures go up (slightly) and go down (slightly)…but those are temperatures, not climate. Not that long ago, scientists were predicting small ice age and now…?

    As for spending, it makes me furious to hear people like Miz Pelosi and Barbra Streisand telling us to cut back on everything while not only spending our money as fast as possible (and even faster, in the case of MP) or cooling their houses to frigid while other face rolling brown/black outs (BS….hmmm, that’s strangely appropriate.) Many members of both parties, but more of one than the other, are willing to opt out of our forced wonderful healthcare, spend our money for their ridiculous projects, and pretend they somehow represent us.

    And why is being rich suddenly bad? The ironic thing is that all the government officials who cry about it are generally well-to-do to down-right-filthy rich to begin with. If making money is bad, how will you ever encourage people to work? They won’t do it for fun or at least few of them will.

    OK, you got me going. I’m not wearing a collar and I’m feeling hot under it. 🙂 I think I’d best head back into the attic to sort, pack and declutter. And as for the IRS, I’ll pay them only what the law requires and not one cent more. Heck, when the organization in charge of something can’t be held responsible for the advice they give you about their product & services, but you can be arrested or owe money if you take their advice and it’s determined later to be wrong, there’s something not right and too cumbersome and large about that organization.

    Yes, I’m really done now. 🙂

    • LOL! I need to get back to decluttering/organizing my kitchen! I am very good at demolishing and making huge messes in my quest to improve the misuse of space in my home but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything today, maybe after tomorrow….

      • Blessings on that!! It’s a big undertaking. I’d be fine if it were just the one room. 🙂

      • I don’t want to even think about our attic, at least not today.

      • I’d like to have my attic on the rental house in Napverville. That would solve a majority of my moving problems!! We’re going from a four bedroom house with both attic and basement plus lots of storage space, to a three-bedroom (the third one fairly small) with no attic and only one tiny closet outside the bedrooms!! Yikes!

      • a definite problem!

  2. FOH

    I for one am certainly not going to criticize you for procrastination. You would not believe the simple things I leave behind on any given day. I even had sheets that I washed, then sat unfolded for several months. Now how bad is that????

    When I worked a full time job, I took as many deductions as possible so that my tax would not end up being a huge amount the government needed to pay me back. So I’d try to get it in the range of neutrality. No money owed, no money back because I was not about to allow the government have more of my money to play with and waste.

    I think you should send the IRS a sympathy card. The bureaucracy is so bad now I’m sure it wouldn’t be found for months, if not years.

    • Well thanks pepp! We won’t need to send the sympathy card, yay! It wasn’t as bad as my imagination made it, plus we have a really good tax guy (former IRS agent). He told us that there were over 3000 new rules for taxes this year and more coming for next year. As for procrastination, I think I have some sheets that I need to go fold! LOL!

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