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Here I am a little late for Whoo-hooo! It’s time for a little micro-flash with the #FridayFictioneers!.  Our prompt this week was difficult but I finally put something down!  Thank you Madison Woods for this forum and to Lora Mitchell for the beautiful prompt.  Let me know your thoughts on my hurried take!

Alas, what to do?

Elation overcame me

as I flew,

too close to the ground!

A better angel,

that was me,

and then I fell.

Thunk, on the ground!

Stunned, I shook my head.

Looked in disbelief,

Is that my wing lying dead,

beside me on the ground?

I picked it up and sobbed,

By Satan I was fooled,

By my ego I was robbed,

and confined to the ground!

Forever prevented from soaring high,

perching on a cloud.

I heard myself sigh,

As I sat on the ground.

There my feet, soft and unshod,

forever to trod

the ground!



  1. I’m a little bothered by ” forever to trod the ground!” since it should be “tred”. Not sure how best to change it, since “trod” rhymes with “shod” and is what you want, I imagine.

    • I was bothered too but decided to just pretend it was ok. I am not a trained poet… 😉

  2. that was very pretty. nicely done.

  3. a painful fall indeed!
    nicely done

    • Yes and the consequences even more so… thanks for coming by!

  4. This is just wonderfully written….speaks to deception, and falling from grace.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of poetry, but I really did like this one. Aren’t we so easily robbed by our own egos?
    I’m 19 on the list.

    • I had never though about writing or maybe attempting to write poetry but that seems to be where I am for the time being.. thank you for the encouragement.

  6. John Hardy Bell

    Who says you have to be a trained poet to be really good? Training sometimes only gets in the way. You either have the skill or you don’t. You have the skill!

    • Thank you for coming by and for the encouragement!

  7. I like poetry but not for this particular format because it’s mainly for flash fiction short stories and feel there are plenty of places to submit poetry…however, I enjoyed this very much…based on my “Angel” photo prompt.

    • This was the first place I had found like this. It was a bright spot for me and I didn’t set out to write poetry. I just try to put into words the inspiration I get from the prompt. I am a total novice. Guess I should look for something else.

    • Christie

      Wow…didn’t know there were such strict rules here. I thought it was beautiful and totally appropriate.

  8. I like. Your poetry usually hits me where others eludes me.

    • That is a very nice compliment bullfight! Thank you!

  9. Hmnn…we’re not all destined for the stars; pursuit of the rainbow isn’t for everyone and that’s as it should be…at least some of us need to be well grounded, seems to me…

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