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So America is a free country, right?  Well sort of, kinda, well maybe….not so much.  A man’s home is his castle, right?

Let’s see….start in the throne room, appropriate don’t you think.  The most important thing in the throne room is the throne.  There are lots of choices when it comes to this glorious fixture (I recently saw one that costs $6,000.00) but one choice you don’t have is whether or not it actually makes the poop disappear.  Our wonderful, and ever watching out for us federal government has made all the thrones equal when it comes to its most important function, they are all designed to save water.  The only problem with that is that not enough water whooshes into the bowl to make the poop go down.  You must flush the toilet numerous, I have heard the number 14, a lot, times and then it might still be there….

Now staying in the this room, let us move to the shower, the shower head in particular.  Again, there are many choices for this fixture from standard to massively expensive.  Again, they are all alike in one area (thank you big brother), how much water comes out and will it actually rinse off the soap, no it won’t unless you take its little guts out (they are making this option hard to do without breaking the whole thing)….

Now we have something that will make it easier to overlook leftover poop in the toilet and the dirty suds still laying on the bottom of the shower.  It’s our new light bulbs!  You know those cute little curly, whirley things that made Edison’s incandescent bulb obsolete.  These things are amazing, especially if you accidentally break one, it is filled with mercury!  That’s the stuff that was so fascinating back in high school chemistry class and also very dangerous.  Never fear though, because these bulbs come with complete hazmat instructions for disposal and clean up.  Did I mention that they last for years and put out so little light that you will be making a visit to your optometrist to find out why everyone looks green, or yellow and why you have to squint all the time.  Oh well, I guess that stimulates the economy, right?

Now let us see what else we can do with our own property!  Let’s build a privacy fence.  Not so fast, you better go to the city planning and zoning commission with complete, detailed plans for it and apply for a permit or you might be taking down your new fence because it exceeds or doesn’t meet some regulation that some power crazy city official thought was needed.  Same for building a tree house for your kid or even just putting a new roof on.   If you live in a neighborhood with a home owner’s association (HOA), God Bless You….

This doesn’t even start to cover all the regulations that property owner’s deal with before figuring out it really isn’t their property after all….except for the taxes, the mortgage payments, the maintenance, the utility fees…..



  1. The amount of government (at a variety of levels) intrusion into our lives is truly scary. There’s a suburban city near ours known for their point of sale intrusions. They might find 500 violations the first time, then when they come back and those are fixed, they find more. You can’t sell your house until you jump through their hoops. We had friends years ago who wanted to replace a fence and made the mistake of seeing whether she had to have a permit (something I would have never even considered, oh silly me) and what played out was both aggravating and ludicrous.

    • These are relatively small points I suppose but when they can do these things they can do even bigger things in the future…..

      • There are a lot of things that aren’t necessarily so small and the small ones are like a foot (or many feet) in the door. The more the government controls, the more it wants to control and that’s not good. They can’t even do well the things they do now, let alone all they want to do “for” us.

      • they can’t even run the congressional dining room without loosing money!

  2. Actually, the curlicue lightbulb only last for years provided you leave them on for long periods of time. So, if you have one in the bathroom, and only leave it on for a few minutes to half an hour, then their life expectancy is even LESS than that of an incandescent lightbulb.

    Why the EPA pushed these things on us, when they are STILL going after any hint of mercury found in ground water, is beyond me. And why the ecowackjobs aren’t howling about this, I’ll never understand.

    • I am still holding out as I can still buy the old kind at out Ace Hardware but soon I will be forced to unless I can find a black market supplier, LOL!

  3. Good article. All fine points. I figure next they’ll install a machine in the municipal building, so if you even think of doing something to your property you have to swipe your card. A few times of that will learn you. Isn’t government housing…er I mean homeownership wonderful?

    • That may not be an exaggeration! We really don’t own anything that government doesn’t dictate how we can use it and what we can do with it.

  4. FOH,

    Really good article and you somehow managed to put humor into this subject which is not the least bit funny. Very well done.
    i hate to think of what our futures hold. I know the rental house we live in would never pass the EPA standards and there is no way we could fix it so it would be considered “OK” by the EPA. I hope we never see that day.

    • Thanks pepp… I wrote it that way because it is just so ridiculously ludicrous for government to attempt micro-manage people, when they can’t even run the USPS without screwing it up!

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