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When free people turn to government to ensure safety and security they soon will have neither safety, security, nor freedom.  I want my freedom back!

Mandates, Bans, micro-managing behavior are all tactics of elitists to control the common people.  We are looked upon by those folks as ignorant idiots with not enough sense to come in out of the rain.  Mandating health care coverage, fuel standards, education standards, economic standards, banking standards, loan requirements, hiring practices, promotion and raise standards in the work place, and speech standards, I could go on but you get my point, elitists control every aspect of our lives.  Then there are the bans on everything from salt to free speech, guns, smoking, use of cell phones while driving, get the picture?

None of these things are actually done to make us safer or healthier.  They are done because there are plenty of people clamoring for it, like sheep being guarded by wolves.  The Federal government was established to protect national sovereignty and provide for national defense and little else.  There were no departments of Justice, Environmental regulation, Education, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, etc., all those encroachments happened at the behest of people who thought the common man had to be told what to do.

We have the government we deserve because people were wooed, cajoled and promised the impossible, government ensured security.  Governments who established the practice of wealth redistribution have historically failed by depressing productiveness in favor of dependence.  Soon they ran out of wealth to redistribute, the people turned against them and were slaughtered by the millions because they could no longer be controlled and cajoled into complacency.

We are on the brink of becoming a full-fledged socialist democracy and we will arrive at a destiny like that of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Britain, France and others. When social unrest reaches its breaking point the heavy hand of government will act to silence it and we will learn the lesson that we should have learned from history…..

Will we return to being a free people governing ourselves or to slavery at the hand of government?  The time is short, the choices clear and the outcome is up to us, possibly for the last time….



  1. In my humble opinion, New Yorkers got what they paid for. When Bloomberg signed that stupid 16 oz beverage law, the people willingly gave him the keys to their kingdoms. Oh sure… you can buy TWO drinks instead of ONE to make up the difference, but now it ccosts you more, and let’s face it: what is to stop Bloomie from passing a law that you can only buy ONE drink per visit to the establishment later on???

    It’s not about health. It’s about power over YOU. And the idiots who voted for him will reap what he has sown.

    • Unfortunately, it won’t be just the idiots who voted for him that will reap what he as sown. We all will be sucked into the mire.

  2. they get security, the security of tyranny that will inevitably enslave them

  3. Hmm…interesting argument. I don’t like the outcome, but really can’t disagree.

    • Yes, just not the security to continue living like they hoped…

    • I don’t like it either….

  4. Good article. Sort of leaves me momentarily speechless. Even while the left says to “focus on the horizon” (even that is not a pretty one), the truth is we are at the destination now. And there is no security.

    • We are at the destination, time is short if we are going to change course!

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