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In the days since 9/11/12 we have seen violence break out all over the Middle East.  Anti-American riots and protests that left our Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others dead.  We are being told that this violence is the result of a movie trailer denigrating the Profit Mohammad posted on YouTube in July but not protested until 9/11/12???  I don’t think so and neither does the Obama Administration but they can’t afford to be truthful.  After all, Obama promised that the world, especially the Muslim world would love us once he became POTUS.  He doesn’t have time to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister or attend security briefings because of his busy campaign schedule, $40,000/plate fund-raisers and an appearance of Letterman???

Then we have Congress.  They came back from a 5 week summer vacation, stayed in Washington 2 weeks and are leaving again til after the November 6th election.  This while our economy is headed for a fiscal cliff, our credit rating down-graded again, unemployment going higher, more people just dropping out of the work force and turning to food stamps and applying for SS disability.  Sequestration and deep cuts to our military looming along with the largest tax increase in history.  Everyday finding out more of what is actually in Obamacare and it doesn’t bode well for anyone, especially senior citizens.  Businesses unable to plan for the next fiscal year due to Obamacare and tax increases can’t even think about hiring or expanding their business.

Then we have the Federal Reserve and QE3.  How low can the dollar go????  Rising fuel and food costs, less domestic energy production and still sinking home values.

Can’t forget Iran!  According to reports they are about 6 months away from having enough enriched uranium to produce weapons of mass destruction.  Soldiers being killed in Afghanistan by Afghans they trained.

Our government is punishing the productive, responsible citizens by accusing them of not paying their fair share of taxes.  The bottom 47% of taxpayers only pay 2.4% of total tax revenues, can someone please tell me what is fair about that?

Does anyone want to talk about the nanny dictators taking away our choice of what to eat, what to drive, how comfortable to be in our homes, and what habits we must break!!!???

I swear sometimes it feels like we are living in Communist China!    Lies about immigration, government gun running, health care, a phantom war on women, a real war on marriage and family, promoting the killing of the unborn, the infirm and the elderly (useless people).

Demands for Romney to produce all his tax returns yet we know practically nothing about Obama!  Pundits asking why Romney isn’t 20 points ahead of Obama in the polls!  My question, if Obama is so stinking wonderful, why isn’t he 20 points ahead???

Today is Constitution Day, read it, refresh your memory, understand that we are about to lose it!  Evidently we are seeing the day when more citizens want every aspect of their lives controlled and assured by government rather than to be free to determine their own destinies.  This path has always brought Democracies down, a fact proven throughout history……

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  1. I am now three weeks in to my third 10-week course on the U.S. Constitution in the past year.

    • You are the exception drpete! If only more people were that engaged!

  2. Well, you said it beautifully.Society is about “wants” rather than Constitutional limits. Part of it is the pols, as you suggest, the other part is a complacent people, but none of the fault lies with the Constitution. They found a clever way to sweep that under the rug talking about desires. This whole situation is an indictment, which not only did Bama not try to change but he aggressively made it worse than ever. The Constitution should be a solution rather than an inconvenience.

    • Yes, it should be the solution. The only solution that makes sense! I am not too optimistic about Romney either, at this point. In light of his statements a week ago on Meet the Press where he stated that he does not want to get rid of Obamacare entirely. Keeping pre-existing condition coverage and children up to the age of 26 on their parents policies will not make health coverage less expensive. Another concern is that if Israel attacks Iran it will help O even if he doesn’t get us into it, just because he has more creds than Romney on foreign relations (not that he has been successful, just that he is already POTUS). I don’t know, I am just rambling but nothing is looking good today (politically speaking). I am going to spend the rest of this day caulking some outdoor siding and enjoy the nice weather!

  3. Unfortunately, I’m in agreement with you on these points! Wish I could say something more positive. As far as the Constitution goes, Hillsdale (a wonderful college) is offering two free classes on the Constitution. (Did I mention they are FREE???) 🙂

    You can sign up for Constitution 101 here:
    and Constitution 201 here:

    There are even four introductory lectures here:

    I have a couple liberal friends on Facebook (and believe me, my hand has hovered over “defriend” many times in the last months, as the animus and even hatred that spews, if not from them directly, from things they post and comments on those posts, is almost too much. I only keep them so that hopefully I’ll be annoying them as much with what I post.

    One of them, the mom of one of Megan’s friends, from NYC, for some reason has me on her email group list where she sends out liberal tripe from time to time. The latest one she sent was about Republican keeping women from voting. I wrote back to her saying I’d be interested to know where this was happening as I was Republican, had never had that happen, didn’t know anyone to whom it had happened, and never heard any Republican say they’d like to do it/were doing it. I was being sarcastic in a quiet way. However, her response was the following:

    “Unfortunately you live in the part of the country where news is controlled by right-wing people. They own the media out there. If you lived in a more progressive part of the country, you would hear much more about what is so dangerous to our democracy. Those people not only will try to buy the media, they will try to buy the election for their candidatesw. It is despicable. I will try to keep you informed about what is truly going on, and in the meantime, I suggest for starters, you watch Moyers and Company on PBS. PBS is the most trusted news agency in the country. They do not lie and distort and withhold information.”

    I really couldn’t do much more than forward it to Bill as a “I can’t even believe it” moment.

    I keep praying and when I get back to Cleveland, I’ll probably volunteer some time to call people as well as see if I can get some yard signs. Our country really hangs on the balance and even if people aren’t enamored of Romney, compared to Obama, he’s so far to the right it isn’t even funny. And Paul Ryan’s a great guy. I’m hoping in four years Marco Rubio will be running, perhaps with Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal or ???

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need to agree on these issues? I have never felt like an outcast in my own country until the last 4 years. I have never lived in fear of what they will do next (maybe I should have been more vigilant) than I am now. Paul Ryan is a great guy and maybe he can bring some sanity to government. I really like Rubio and Jindal and to a lesser degree Christie (My Mom’s maiden name was Christie, spelled the same way, which is kind of rare…)

      Prayer is what keeps me sane these days…Thanks so much for commenting, I love it when I find others that share my concern.

    • Forgot to say how much I love Hillsdale’s online courses!

      • One of the things I find most distressing in the last four years (as you said) is the lack of civility which, in my experience, runs mostly one way–toward conservatives. I don’t need everyone to agree with me, but I don’t want to feel that if I put a Romney sticker on my van, it might get keyed or if I put a sign in my yard, someone might vandalize the sign or worse. I don’t care if you don’t like, for instance, Sarah Palin, but the things that have been said about her are shameful and disgusting and there are hundreds of similar examples.

        I’m thankful that the Lord’s in control because otherwise I’d sometimes feel like
        despairing. I keep thinking of Abraham and Lot and praying there are enough “good people” to save our country yet awhile longer.

      • I too have been thinking about Abraham and Lot and praying there are enough good people….God is in control and His plan will prevail. I think what is happening now was in His plan to awaken His people.

  4. nice work -Ive been on the computer for over a week=sick-then the cable got messed up, I had 977 messages piled u, so obviously I wont be able to do a lot-still not well-rough week. Hope you are doing well–beebeesworld

  5. Love love love this blog! Really excellent article. I have always been passionate about politics, but I just recently started writing. I’m a 23 year old, conservative acting student. Weird, right? Haha. It can be frustrating, for sure, but on the plus side, I get a TON of debate practice in! I would love it if you would take a look at my blog at and give me your feedback, and maybe even follow. I just posted my most recent column about the Chicago teachers strike called: The Chicago Teachers Syndicate. Thanks so much for your time!

    – Frank

    • Thanks Frank, you really are a pretty rare commodity these days! I am somewhat flattered that someone your age loves this blog. I haven’t always been passionate about politics, like most people when I was growing up we didn’t even dream government would work contrary to the good of the country. I cannot believe the amount of freedom we have lost in my lifetime and it makes me really sad for future generations. But maybe, if there are enough like you it can be turned around. I just read your latest blog post about the teacher’s unions and it is a very good take. You are right, public sector unions result in a somewhat incestuous relationship with politicians who are supposed to be looking out for everyone in the country, not just powerful special interests who can enrich their campaign war chests and insure a lot of votes for him/her.

      I did follow your blog and look forward to more of your insight from a younger person’s point of view!

  6. You know what’s sad, FOH? That at least in China the people KNOW they are under Communism. At least their government is more honest that way.

    Great column as always, dear.

    • So true, thinking you are free and finding out you aren’t sucks! Thanks Aggie!

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