whatever is on my mind….

another time…

 Photo Prompt for the #FridayFictioneers round of 100 word flash fiction courtesy of Madison Woods , come read and join the fun!

copyright Rochelle Wishoff Fields

As always I love to know what you think!!!

another time….

On the steps of time,

going back to another place.

A place called home,

 peace, solitude, joy and grace.

Now just memories

draped in decay,

longing once more to

welcome the day.

The windows dark,

the porch posts peeling,

the steps broken,

the picket fence leaning,

with gate askew.

Again, softly I tread,

that path so familiar.

 I can almost hear,

those voices so sweet,

laughter, tears, singing.

 Do I smell cornbread and cookies,

and fresh peaches for pie?

Old Jake wagging his tail,

seeming to smile.

Home Sweet Home,

Oh once again to walk that mile!



  1. I can see “the place” in my mind’s eye and feel your vivid memories. Lovely.

    • Thank you, your comment is encouraging!

  2. Pleasant imagery. Thanks for commenting on mine.

  3. Wonderful, warm description of a treasured place.

  4. Very vivid!!! And yes home sweet home…a wave of calm and peace, solitude and joy always wahses over you when you can sense, feel or know you are almost home. I like this much

  5. Going back “on the steps of time” is a fresh, creative image! And so is the picture of “memories draped in decay” – as if the speaker’s thoughts were cobwebbed. One thing did throw me a little – just as I got used to rhymes every other line, the rhyming stopped, until the very end when it reappeared. I know rhymes are hard (that’s one reason I don’t write poetry myself) but I think this would be even better if you could keep the pattern going all the way through. I like it, though.

    • Thank you! I am more of a rambler than a poet. Sometimes when I write things just jump from my mind to my fingers. When I consciously try to rhyme I seem to loose my vision. I really appreciate your thoughts!

  6. wistful 🙂

  7. Very nice.

  8. Beautiful memories. Even a spider web seems fitting, familiar and homey 🙂

  9. like a song of the south

  10. I loved it! Another beautiful poem. Your words tell it well. Great images.

  11. Time travel through thought. A poem for those with a yearning to return home, if not for real, then in memories.



    • Memories are powerful reminders of the past…

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