whatever is on my mind….

silver mist….

Photo Prompt for the #FridayFictioneers from Madison Woods is here!  Come join in and read 100 word inspirations from this weeks photo prompt by Piya Singh.  Critique is welcome on my attempt!  Enjoy!


silver mist

Plant me by the stream

where the silver mist plays.

The place where

I loved to dream

and spend my days.

It is here that something new

will grow from

bones and death and decay.

Something alive and beautiful

to cheer someone else

along the way.

My thoughts, my dreams,

will live in other ways

and I will still be here

where I loved to spend

my days.

If perhaps, you return one day,

you will hear my song

in your heart and in your ear.

I am not sad,

nor do I fear,

eternity where the

silver mist plays.



  1. FOH,
    The photo is gorgeous. And your poetry is beautiful. 2 thumbs on your poem. Good work!

    • Thanks pepp! I struggled to find some inspiration. It just popped into my head this morning and kind of wrote itself. I think my muse is sort of lazy…. 😉

  2. FOH,
    I meant 2 thumbs up on your poem. I’m having challenges typing today.

  3. This flowed easy, very nice.

  4. That is a wonderful way to capture the photo with such a beautiful poem. The picture reminded me of Thomas Kincaid’s paintings, which I love. I have two of his reproductions framed. Your poem is certainly the most positive and memorable way to describe one’s passing.

    • Thanks Joyce, I though of Kincaid as well. I looked at the prompt on Wed and drew a blank. Nothing came to me until this morning. I don’t think my muse and I keep the same schedule!

  5. lovely — nicely done

  6. Nice imagery. Let’s just say your muse was dreamy. 😉
    I’m #23 on the linkie list this week.

    • Yes, thanks rochelle, my muse is often dreamy. 😉

  7. Your poetry is well done and makes me want to visit this place.
    I am number 55 in the list.

    • Thank you! This place is anywhere you feel at peace….

  8. Pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the ear and calming to the mind…
    A gift upon the waters.

    • Thank you so much, what encouraging words!

  9. Your words did justice to the image. Very well written, I feel all liquid and warm inside.

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