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I have so many interests and so much curiosity about such an array of various subjects that it is difficult to actually accomplish anything of value.  When I began writing this blog my primary purpose was I suppose political.  Political, in that I was so fed up with government in general and politicians in particular.
It seemed to me that our founders put “We the people”, in charge over government and that government would abide by the wishes of the people.  Today though government mandates almost all aspects of our lives.  If it moves they tax it, if it doesn’t move they subsidize it…..
I don’t want to dwell on my reasons too much today because my approach to the frustration is changing.  I no longer believe that I can in any way change the course of events or direction our country is headed by merely passing on information to others, in hopes of inspiring more participation in the political process.  Most people are too busy to realize that their way of life is being systematically taken in a direction that limits individual freedom to choose one’s own destiny.
My frustration has led to much hand wringing, sleepless nights, worry for my children and their children, but nothing has been accomplished other than adding gray hair to my head and more wrinkles on my brow.  At almost 63 years of age I don’t need any added stimulus to made me look old, mother nature is doing that quiet effectively on her own.
As it continues to dawn on me that life is growing quickly shorter, my new focus is on today.  What I will do with it, how I will treat others, what my goals really are. It seems that even at this age I am still not grown up.  My vision of myself and reality are two different things and I want to bring reality to my vision!
My goal for each new day that I am blessed with will be to enjoy more the love and beauty that surround me.  My husband, our children and grandchildren, my home, a sweet circle of friends and our church family, a some amazing blogging friends will be top on my list of priorities.  To smile more, compliment more, sing more, do the things that bring me joy like painting, gardening and writing and illustrating a children’s book that has been in my mind for years, and being thankful for every breath I take and for the moments that take my breath away.  To continue working toward making our home and yard more manageable for our aging bodies, enjoying sunrises and sunsets, dreaming and planning.  Without these things life would be worthless.  Living in such a way that maybe when I am gone, someone will say, “she was a good woman and will be missed”………
God grant me a quiet and gentle spirit…..


  1. but always vote your conscience !

  2. FOH,
    It’s interesting that you made this decision. The Hawk and I were talking about this the other day. I’ll still blog, but I told the Hawk we need to do more fun things and stop our incessant worrying about this election. It does nothing for our mood and we are already stressed to the max.
    Whether we follow through is another matter.

    • Thanks pepp! I am sure that I haven’t written my last ‘political’ post but I have to stop letting it control my life 24/7! At our age time is too precious to allow it to slip by and miss the joy of each day! Hope you and Hawk are doing better!

      • FOH,

        We’re doing OK.

        I know what you mean about getting into an age group where you feel you can’t keep wasting precious time on this stuff constantly. It has been getting us more depressed as time goes by so we need to take breaks.

      • Here is to us pepp! Stepping back and smelling the roses renews the spirit and the determination to keep moving forward!

      • FOH,
        Right, a toast to us! I’m not watching the news at night like I used to. That’s one way I’ve decided to tone down my stress. I already know who I’m voting for and I’m sick of the pundits and talking heads saying Romney can’t win, that Obama is so likeable. These media people live in some strange bubble. A bunch of bubble heads. 🙂

      • We have been doing a lot of porch sitting in the evenings, not watching the pundits. We are totally sick of the constant second guessing everything! I agree they are a bunch of bubble heads!

      • FOH,

        Oh yeah, I love sitting out on the porch watching the moon rise and all the stars. There are so many and we are in total darkness where we are so there are no lights to distract from the sky. I too am sick of hearing the bubble heads 2nd guessing. They don’t have a clue about how we feel out here in flyover land, only what goes on in their bubble worlds in NYC or DC. Talk about being out of touch with the people!

      • I am glad that y’all are taking the time to enjoy the day!

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