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the farmer’s thoughts…

Come and enjoy 100 word essays with Madison Woods – Photo Prompt for the #FridayFictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods, photo prompt this week by Maggie Duncan.   Feel free to opine on my take on the prompt,

the farmer’s thoughts…

Cool and damp the fog drifts across the hills and valleys,

bringing a quiet calmness to the landscape.

I feel calm and at peace as I gaze out across ripening fields,

a sense of security blankets and comforts,

relieving stress from long days of heat and

wind and weeds and bugs.

Summer is ending, preparing us for harvest,

a moment’s reprieve between seasons,

to rest and renew before bringing in the crop ripened and ready.

Hoping prices hold to repay the lenders and then to do it all again, next year.

Then the Thanksgiving!



  1. Oh, the joys of farming! If the crop’s too small, you lose money; if the crop’s too big, prices go down and you lose money. At least your narrator gets a little time to catch his breath. Nice take on the prompt.

    • Thanks Sharon. Farming is good life but very challenging.

  2. I so understand this!! Thanks the Lord for arranging the break time, even though animals still have to be fed and other work done.

    • Hmmm, that should have said “Thank the Lord.”

    • Thanks and yes there is always work to be done on the farm!

  3. A sense of peace with an underlying anxiety, ie thoughts of repaying the lenders. Nice work.
    I’m here now

    • Thanks rochelle, I really liked the excerpt from your book as well!

  4. It all sounds so refreshing after the long hot summer, drought and fires. I can almost feel the cool breezes, see the mist, smell a ripened harvest, fresh cut hay, … here in Co. Ah! Nice.

    • Thanks Joyce! Yesterday morning it was misty and foggy here too. There is a lot of my own personal emotion in it…..

      • I am sure. I thought perhaps it was written with a personal perspective. The rain and cool air and fresh fall weather is what I long for here in Co. Autumn is my absolute favorite season in Co. with the Aspen trees changing color in the mountains, and cooler weather on the way.

      • I would love to see the Aspens changing colors!

      • They are beautiful to see when we have just the right mix of cooler temperatures and has not been so hot late in the summer. They can change too quickly and not be at their best. I hope to post a few good pictures take this Autumn on my blog site if my husband and I can get some good pictures of them this year, or will put up some from last year.

      • I will look forward to seeing them!

  5. This is all so calming and peaceful, almost washing over my mind like a prayer. Very nice! MIne is here

    • Thanks you boomie, what a nice thing to say!

  6. A beautiful peaceful take on the prompt. Mine is here:

    • Thanks! I thought yours was beautiful as well!

  7. What a peaceful and calming post…beautiful

  8. I enjoyed it, very nice

  9. Your poem reminded me of harvest festivals and mellow airs and soft gentle rains – all the things I love about the Autumn in the UK. It was so potent I could almost smell it. Thank you.

    Here’s mine too:

    • What wonderful encouragement Linda! I really liked yours as well!

      • You’re welcome, I really did enjoy it very much.

  10. A peaceful interlude between the sowing and the reaping. More than crops are harvested by farmer over the course of the seasons and you’ve illustrated this perfectly. Farmers know the land and the value of a single seed. They know the sun, the rain, the soil. They toil and yet they have more reward than money. I envy the man who can make a go of farming. Great poem.



    • Thank you Doug! I think farming has to be in the blood to stick it out! There is nothing like the smell of fresh plowed dirt and seeing little green ribbons coming up. I have lived the farm life all of my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

  11. Very pleasant and introspective.

  12. Nicely done! This morning, as I got up, I noticed the first hint of fall in the air. It made me think of that time when summer is still here but the change is in the wind. Your piece delivered that same message.

    Mine is here:

    • Thanks Erin! I just read yours and loved it too!

  13. sweet. lovely take.
    see mine:

  14. Nice interpretation of farming and liked the calm before the next season.
    My offering this week can be found at

  15. Farming is a very challenging and tedious way of life. I truly admire them. What a wonderful fiction!First time here and it is my first attempt too. Mine is here
    Blessed be.

  16. Such a peaceful tone to this. Bestows a quietness of mind.

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