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Fall is in the air!

We are getting a rare August preview of Fall this year.  Cool mornings, cool nights and daytime highs in the low 80’s!  I know we will have more hot days before Fall gets here but this is so nice!

We decided since we haven’t been able to get away this summer that we would just go stay in the fifth wheel down by the pond.  We have been so busy that even if we could get away, we are too tired to go right now.  We spent the late afternoon and early evening fishing.  Hubby caught one nice catfish, hope to catch more today so we can have a fish fry.  We had a nice supper and slept like logs all night.

The peace and quiet here at the pond is so refreshing and relaxation that alludes us at the house just comes easily down by the pond.  I hope that all of you dear readers find a time and a place of peace and quiet to renew the spirit and refresh the soul.  God Bless!



  1. when I was little we used to fish for catfish in the river. The recipe we used was season the fish and bake for two hours in the oven on an oak board. When done, throw away the fish and eat the board…. ( it was a very polluted river )…

    Sounds like a great time there.

    • LOL! Thankfully the pond isn’t polluted! I caught another catfish a while ago and fell on my behind trying to land him. Hubby came to the rescue and he is on the stringer now….

      • love to see a fish picture, but you know about that one that got away!

      • I’ll see what I can do about a pic! Oh yes, the ones that got away are always the best!

  2. I was hoping not to hear that word for a while. But its preview time here too.

    • Fall is my favorite time of year. The best is when we have a light frost then go into a true Indian Summer with highs in the 70’s and low 80’s, almost no wind and cool nights! I do not like winter though!!!!

  3. FOH,
    Fall is my favorite time of year too. I love the warm days and cool nights. The smell of fall as the leaves change and the spicy barks of trees seem to emanate delightful smells. And not to forget all the fall wild flowers blooming.

    We are having a little bit of fall here too, but it ends by this weekend as it heats up again. But we’ve enjoyed this break and were able to get some chores done that we didn’t want to tackle during the high heat.

    It’s good to see you back again. And good luck with your fishing.

    • Thanks pepp! We have been having fun together. Had to move back up to the big house tonight, keeping our granddaughter tomorrow. Still just two fish but we haven’t given up yet!

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