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Time for FridayFictioneers from  Madison Woods.  Come join the fun!

Big Momma

Well, this is really a challenge!  Why did I send this pic to Madison?  Since I am in a ‘nothing in my brain’ phase, I will just tell you a little about how and why there is a cow skull in our tree.

We live on a small farm in the middle of nowhere and we also used to run a few mother cows.  We started with just 4 or 5 head that we bought at the local livestock auction.  They were older cows but all we could afford at the time and we were excited to start building a heard.  This cow, now residing in the tree is one of those cows.  She died of old age and produced several calves for us during her last years.  We get attached to all our animals and when ‘Big Momma’ died we felt that she deserved to be remembered so after enough time passed we brought her skull to the house and hung it on the tree as a reminder of her contribution to our living.   Our dogs, however would not leave her alone and would manage to get her off the tree and ‘play’ with her, so one day hubby being short on time picked her up and put her in a big hole in the tree, intending to come up with a better place later.  Later, didn’t come soon enough and the hole in the tree began healing over ‘Big Momma’, she is stuck and cannot be removed now.  Her misplaced horn is there because the dogs had gotten it off and hubby just stuck it up there like that because he was in a hurry.  Wish we had noticed sooner that the tree was healing so we could have put the horn back in its proper place.  However, she still serves as a reminder of a dream she helped us fulfill.  That dream ended with the drought of last summer when we were forced to sell our herd due to the shortage of grass and hay.  It was a hard thing to do but we had many good years and good times tending them and watching the new calf crop being born every year.  For many years our first calf of the season would come on Christmas Eve, which was always a special blessing.  ‘Big Momma’ will forever remind us of those times!



  1. Nice take on a difficult prompt. beebee

  2. Fantastic memory – thank you so much for sharing it, and the picture. I was indeed fascinated by how the skull ended up in the tree, watching over those below. And now I know.
    If you’re forgive a bit of artistic licence on the nature of both the beast and the hole in its head, I’m over here:

  3. Very nice! Is that an actual horn? Wondered about it… But it didn’t look like an animal, wow.

    • Thanks Nifti. Yes it is a real cow’s horn!

  4. I’m sure Big Momma would be delighted she’s been memorialised (is that a word?) in this way. Probably less so about being a plaything for the dogs, but hey… it’s not a perfect world. Thanks for filling us in on the background – terrific photo.

    • She still gives us a lot of good memories. No not a perfect world for sure, but we deal with what comes….

  5. I thought I remembered this picture as being one you posted sometime back on your blog and I commented on it then, adding a caption. That is a wonderful real story of honoring this old mama cow and her young-ins. She did indeed bless and contribute to your dream and memories. The tree just helps to enlarge some on your memory of her and her memorial.

    • Thanks Joyce! Nature is a marvelous thing and I am constantly amazed how she adjusts to human intervention.

      • That is sure the truth. I think its another of God’s wonder to His greatness and creation. All the more to enjoy it.

      • Exactly right!

  6. Oh, so it is a cow’s skull. I kept wondering and wondering! I dare say that It’s served a useful and very creative purpose for us Fictioneers and for that we are forever grateful to Big Momma and you Lura.

    • Thanks a lot, this has made her memorial even more memorable!

  7. oops! Thanks a mil for commenting on my poem. Much appreciated. Here for others:

  8. What a great memory to have!! Thanks for sharing it.

    • You’re welcome. I am enjoying reading all of the responses!

  9. The true story is often more fascinating than anything we “writers” can devise. Thank you for sharing the photo and your memory!

    • You’re welcome! I think all the stories are great, loving the different takes on it!

  10. Thanks for a really interesting photo. It stimulated a lot of thinking, and so it was interesting to read your explanation of how it happened.

    • Thanks Ron! I have really been enjoying reading all the different takes, glad you found it interesting!

  11. I was wondering how this photo came to be, but I figured I would never know! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for sharing this delightful “true” story. A loving tribute to “Big Momma.” I’m #30 on the list.

  13. Thank you for sharing how the skull and tree became to be.
    I am number 50 in the list.

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