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Best Buds!

Our grandkids are the ‘JOY’ of our lives!  Making memories with them is a pass time we love.  Today Poppa took great-grandson for a ride in the 1956 pickup.  Poppa has several ‘project’ cars and trucks that he enjoys bringing back to life.  They went to ‘check’ the cows and make sure they had water.  This little boy loves his Poppa and going exploring with him.

I remember how much I loved being with my grandparents as a child and the memories are priceless!  Everything done with grandparents is a special adventure!

Carpe Diem!



  1. Beth

    I second this! Grandparents are the best! 🙂 Hagen sure does love his Poppa!

  2. Well said. That’s what its about. A 56 pickup is a conversation starter.

    • Yes, it has started a few conversations! We love old cars/pickups!

  3. Grand children are the best!

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