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Dear Readers, you may have noticed that I have been scarce lately, or maybe not.  Anyhoo, I decided I should check in and let you know that I am still breathing, LOL!

Between the heat and many outdoor projects that need to get done before winter, we have been very busy.  It has felt good to get to check some things off the list.  We finished the porch railing and installed a new storm door last week.  We need to build gates for porch steps to keep the pups off the porch when we want to have company over and put out the good cushions on the porch furniture.  It’s not like they have no other shady places to be all over the yard but I am sure they will be offended when it happens!

I am also taking a break from all the political circus shenanigans going on, at least a break from opining for a while.  Disgust and frustration pretty much sums up my attitude about that.  I find that there are a lot of people with the same attitude.  There will be plenty coming down the pike before election day that will force me to opine, I am quiet sure!    For now though we are enjoying each day as it comes and preparing for winter’s challenges.

I am also establishing an art studio where I can work and not need to keep presentable for visitors.  Any visits will be by invitation only (except for my sweety of course) into my little haven.  I want to do some illustrations for a children’s book of poetry that I have written for several years.  I want to give one to each of my grand children before I kick the bucket!  It will be nice to have a quiet place to plan, write, paint or to just read a good book and to think.

I have also missed two weeks now of participating in FridayFictioneers, a weekly photo prompt challenge to write 100 words relating to the prompt.  I have missed that and hope that this week I will find some inspiration.

The mission and purpose of this blog seems to be in some sort of transition and I am not sure what direction it may take next.  I began writing it mainly to vent my own frustrations with the size, growth and corruption in government and I have met a lot of folks that share my opinions which is nice to know.  I never imagined that total strangers would take the time to read and opine about my little rants and ramblings but it has been a nice surprise and a welcome relief to know I am not alone!  At this point I have said just about all I have to say about how the political climate affects me and my family and I see no point in repeating all the ‘sound bites’ here, there are plenty of places to read all about it.  I am more interested in how all this affects us in our everyday lives and what if anything others are doing to cope with the stress and prepare for whatever the government decides to throw at us next.


Which brings me to my newest interest and that is saving money on EVERYTHING and not spending money unnecessarily.   Counting our blessings and taking each day as it comes knowing that God has always led us to where we needed to be and trusting that whatever politicians do, they cannot take away our faith.






  1. Thank for keeping us posted. We all gotta take breaks now and again, and for some reason, the more personal “this is what’s going on with me” posts tend to be my favorites.


    • Thanks Linda! I like knowing how others are getting on as well!

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