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I have writer’s block!  So much to say and yet words fail me.  My mind is awhirl trying to process all the meanness, corruption, stupidity and lies.  Federal, State and Local governments gone wild.  Power struggles, lack of vision, lack of leadership and punishment of the successful and the list goes on into infinity.

“You didn’t build that”, this statement by mr. resident shows what he and his administration think about hard work, initiative and persistence personified in entrepreneurs everywhere.  Of course, once again we just misunderstood him, maybe he needs a course in communication skills and add in a good double entry bookkeeping course for good measure.  Yes, somebody did build those roads and bridges, etc., that someone is “we the people”,taxpayers.  Taxpayers built and paid for everything that comes from government.   Where do taxpayers get the money to pay taxes?  I have always been thankful to make enough to owe taxes until now.  Now, that I know just how deceitful and corrupt government really is I would love to see a taxpayer revolt.  Refusal to pay for government largess is the only way I see of communicating my level of anger over what government has brought to our nation.  $16,000,000,000,000,000 (lost count of my zeroes but trillion is hard to fathom) in acknowledged national debt and rising to be paid by future generations through the foreseeable future.

The overwhelming outpouring of support for Chick-fil-a, however, gives me hope that it isn’t too late.  The First Amendment is under attack and it is combined with an attack on religious freedom.  The Left loves to paint themselves as tolerant, caring, benevolent, the “live and let live” folks.  That is so, not true!  The ACA (Obamacare) mandate that employers provide contraceptives and abortion drugs and paying for abortions free of cost to their employees is both unconstitutional and just plain stupid.  Their claim it is for the health of women is a big fat lie!  Why just women, isn’t that discrimination, you bet it is, just wait for what they will be calling for next.  There are a plethora of health issues more dire than birth control pills and you know government, give them an inch and they will take a mile.  Making babies isn’t taken seriously, killing them is murder and forcing people who believe as much to pay for it is immoral!  Republicans say they will repeal Obamacare, good for them.  They also say they will replace it with something better, bad for us!  I don’t trust anyone in government to medal in my and my doctor’s decisions as to what I need to stay healthy.

Then there is the mass murder in Aurora, Colorado and the predictable calls for more gun control.  Another stupid idea, are they now going to punish sober drivers because drunks driving cars kill people?  Well, we are already punished through insurance companies setting their rates and taking the risk that you might drive drunk and kill someone is a possibility.  How long will it be before cars are mandated to have sobriety checkers built into their ignition systems?  I am turning into a conspiracy theorist and I don’t like it!  The necessity to try to out-think the level cunning, of power-hungry politicians is mega stressful!

That is only three of the top lessons in stupidity in recent days.  There are many more, some we know about and more that we can’t even imagine.  People who can are fleeing in mass numbers, cities and states where governments are robbing them blind.  Many are leaving the USA and giving up their American citizenship.  Who can blame them?  However, that is exactly what government wants.  The less freedom minded people who have fewer resources, in the general population makes controlling those left here will be much easier and provides the power players more security in their positions of power.

I was thankfully raised according to an old saying, “Eat it up, wear it out and make it do”.  I understand that changing my ways and living frugally not only makes sense, it is necessary.  My husband recently got a small monetary inheritance from his mother’s estate which we are just sitting on because investing it is too scary.  Where do you put it?  Under the mattress for now….

I am now officially a “geezer” and as such will scratch tooth and nail to hang on to as much of what I have earned as possible.  Soon it may make more sense to risk leaving for Old Mexico (the only place I could possibly afford to go to) and risking being killed by drug cartels than staying here and becoming a total government slave!  I dearly love my country, at least the one I learned about from my parents and in elementary school and the one I grew up in.  This is no longer that country and it really sucks!  I don’t believe it can be fixed, short of evicting everyone in the halls of Congress, firing all bureaucrats, mandating that no legislation and consist of more pages than the Constitution and Bill of Rights and cannot include anything not authorized by those documents, possibly removing the phrase “general welfare”, the most misguided and misused excuse used to justify anything government wants to do.



  1. Well for someone who has writer’s block you have said a mouthful here, FOH! Great rant.

    As for your final comments, indeed we need to vote out every incumbent and start with a fresh batch. Couldn’t be any worse off than we are now. I would rather have a team of rookies running things rather than a batch of seasoned professionals who are gaming the system for their own gain!

    • Thanks for stopping by Mrs. AL. All of the ‘news’ is causing me not to be able to work on a book that I have started, a light hearted story of pioneers out here in flyover country. Not feeling very lighthearted lately, ergo ‘writer’s block’.

      A team of rookies couldn’t be any worse for us but I think life-time bureaucrats must go as well and be limited both in their number and power to write their own rules for us. Texas has just given the old guard Republicans here a wake up call by electing Ted Cruz to replace rhino KBHutchinson in the Senate.

  2. I hope you got over your writer’s block. good pice. I like the idea on communication 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by! He has no really ‘useful’ education in the practical areas of life. He lives in a dream world where equal opportunity isn’t enough. Equal outcome is impossible because everyone is different. I see this over and over in schools and in work places, they want to put everyone in the same little box…..

      • That’s right, he’s a Statist. So true that faulty mindset is all over. They have to apply the same flawed reasoning to everything. Never mind the results.

  3. On a second thought, this was one of the best statements I’ve seen:
    “The necessity to try to out-think the level cunning, of power-hungry politicians is mega stressful!”

    So true, love it.

    • Thanks, it is a sad commentary though on what have compared to what our founders established and the standards which they held themselves to.

      • Really! What standards?

      • That is the problem, today’s political elites have no personal standards based on morality, individual freedom or anything else our founders laid out…

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    • Thanks for the offer. Not sure what syndication would mean. I am not a ‘tech guru’ so would need to know more to give an answer. Thanks again….

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