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A little late this week and a tad bit short on inspiration!  FridayFictioneers brought to us from Madison Woods.  Come read, join the fun!  Critique always is a plus!  Here is the prompt, property of Madison Woods.

Ah, the grapevine,

like a newborn,

full of sweet promise.

A tiny shoot

pops up from the earth,

gradually trained and

nurtured by a

vintner’s loving hand.

Soon the first signs

Forged by

Sun and rain,

of the harvest.

First the new wine

blended and bottled,

corked and capped and

The aging begins.

The anticipation and wonder

of how it will taste,

some sweet, some dry,

some a bit tart,

the aroma, the body,

then at last a sip!

Ah, fine wine

aged to perfection

and the vintner too,

with time and patience,

savours the fruit of

his labor!



  1. rochellewisoff

    Nice poem. I like the strategic shape of it.
    I’m here:

    • Thank you for reading, glad you liked it!

  2. FOH,

    I like your poetry.

    • Thanks Sandra, I was so rushed this week that I wasn’t sure that what I wanted to say actually came through.

  3. Hello there.
    Very nice to read about the lifetime of grapes 🙂
    Loved the poem.
    I did one this week:

  4. Joyce

    Fragrant and mellow, like a fine wine, it goes down easy. Nice.

  5. i need a cracker

    and a refill

  6. very nicely done

  7. Loved it! And such a nice tribute to a simple thing 🙂

    • I consider that a great compliment from you Y, thanks! 😉

  8. Reblogged this on Kevin Allard Blog.

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