whatever is on my mind….

I’m off today….

No I am not gone on vacation!  No wisecracks please!

The voices in my head may not be real, but they do have some excellent ideas!

Now I am going to try to pick one and do it!

You come up with a caption!



  1. FOH,
    I had to enlarge the picture so I could see what that thing is. For the life of me I can’t make it out.
    Caption: Sock Puppet in a Can

    • LOL! If no one gets it right I will tell!

      • FOH,

        I’m sure someone else with better eye sight will be able to figure it out. I blew it up as big as I could and I still couldn’t tell. You are being a little mischief maker today. :–)

      • ya gotta have some fun once in a while!

  2. it looks like a cow skull, so I would say my caption is: eventually, nature absorbs all mistakes

  3. I enlarged it too. Definitely looks like a bull’s scull. (I like to rhyme). lol. I can only think of two possibilities, one being, “Bull Run.” and # 2, “Hung up.”

Your thoughts?

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