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Our pups spend the day just looking for a cool spot.  They find one in my flower beds, which needless to say aren’t looking very pretty but at least they are serving a good purpose, LOL!

As miserable as they are, I find myself envious of the dogs.  Their lives are pretty simple and straight forward.  Maybe that’s why so many people seem to gladly accept the Socialist track our country is on.  Just dealing with the challenges of everyday life is difficult at times.  The added pressure of worrying about what the government is going to ‘do for us’ gets to be overwhelming.  Of course ‘overwhelming the system’ is a classic tactic of Socialism and all the other ‘isms’ that purport to ‘help’ people.  Government makes it impossible to deal with the over-regulation, tax liability, decrease in individual freedom and mandated actions on the part of the people.  Some just give up and give in, others eventually turn to anarchy.  When that happens governments have a good excuse to use the ‘iron fist’ approach to control those who are willing to rebel against the loss of their individual, God-given rights.

It is an age-old war, ever fought throughout the ages.  America’s greatness came by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit which led to a massive and strong middle class which drove the economy.  Able bodied people were willing to work hard, seize opportunity and reach for the stars.  In our earlier days being on public assistance wasn’t seen as a badge of honor, as it is today.  Today we have TV commercials encouraging people to apply for food stamps!  I think our Founders are probably spinning in their graves….

What do I know, I am just a 60+-year-old woman.  I am not rich and yet not poor.  My husband and I have spent the last 46 years raising our family and providing for our needs.  We never expected that the day would come when every aspect of our personal lives would be over-shadowed by government, down to what we can eat!  Our lives have been pretty simple and straight forward up until now.  We worked, paid the bills, found time to ‘play’ once in a while and looked forward to growing old together.  Now, we find out that ‘growing old’ puts us in danger of being denied medical care based on what government decides we deserve.  Not a pleasant thought….

I don’t have an answer to all the world’s problems, well I do but no one wants to hear it.  God is the answer and He will have the final say.  I just want to live peacefully, enjoy my own property and spend what I have on what is important to me and the causes that I support.

I feel betrayed by my government.  My basic God-given human rights diminished and my hope for future generations of Americans made doubtful.  We once made our voices heard at the ballot box, but, today I am no longer sure that is the case.  Tell me what you thing?

If no crisis exists, make one up and then don’t waste the opportunity!



  1. Your post echos my sentiments in many ways, FOH, and better written than I could do on my best day. My compliments.

    I am just not sure 100% about the idea of the feeling “betrayed” by the government. Government, as an institution, when in the hands of humanoids will always grow and as it grows in power it will always eventually take-over in order to keep it’s power. Hope that makes some sort of sense, FOH.

    BTW, you getting any relief there? We are here in Virginia. Dropped 20 degrees between last night and mid-morning today.

    • We are getting some very welcome relief. The temp here has also dropped about 20 degrees with some rain. My statement about feeling betrayed comes from the charge that government defend our Liberty. They aren’t doing that in any form or fashion these days. Other than that I am just PO’d a lot lately. Guess I have the same britches to get glad in….maybe we need another species to run government?

  2. FOH,
    I feel the same way you do and that we are being betrayed by our government, at least those that are running it. The government is supposed to be us, but no longer. No one is listening to us. I feel sad that the Hawk’s and my older years are now endangered by this. We just wanted to live out our retirement in peace and quiet, enjoying the grand kids when we got the chance. Having friends over for fun.

    Getting care is going to be difficult for anyone over the age of 50 and of course those on Medicare will get turned away. I heard so many doctors are already not taking Medicare patients any longer. So what will seniors do? I guess they will just suffer with whatever illness comes up. The thing that bothers me about that is if the illness is cancer and no doctor will treat you, then the terminal patient is going to be in unbearable pain from the cancer because they don’t have a doctor who can at least prescribe morphine for the ending months and weeks. I think that is so utterly cruel.

    But, that has been Obamacare’s goal to get rid of the elderly. Well, if they want to get rid of me then I’d rather have the pills to end it and not suffer in unbearable pain.

    I envy our dogs too at times. They find cool places to sleep and don’t seem to have a care in the world. Meantime, I feel like we’re in a battle every day since O became president. Not a day passes that he does not do something that is very upsetting. I imagine the stress levels on many Americans is higher than it’s ever been.

    • pepp, you are exactly right. I avoid the news for the most part and spend my days enjoying the small pleasures, like watching the hummingbirds at my feeder, sitting on the porch with my sweetie at the end of day, having a grandkid or one of the pups in my lap to love and take care of.

      • FOH,

        That is what we all need to do to lessen the stress. I know we’re stressed to the max here, not only with what is going on politically, but the Hawk has medical issues that are causing him a great deal of problems right now. He had his first surgery several weeks ago and that cost $9000 for one surgery. That does not include the doctor bill. He has several more surgeries to go through. So we are feeling up against the wall. And who knows, maybe when we see the doctor for his follow up, he’ll be refused any more surgeries. We just don’t know what to think.

      • There are some things that can’t be tainted or diminished by the usurper! The sun came up this morning, the birds are still singing. Today is the day the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! He will show me the way, the truth and the light and give me resources to deal with the evil that comes this way…..

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