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Photo Prompt for the #FridayFictioneers at Madison Woods, come read the stories inspired by writers and ‘want to be’ writers.  The photo prompt was taken by Amanda Gray.  A fun exercise to hone your skills!  My attempt follows and as always I want to know what you think!

Prairie grasses bowed to the north wind, the sky grew dark and the sun unceremoniously slid below the horizon making the prairie disappear, becoming one with the ebony sky.   Ol’ Dammit’s sudden change in gait alerted Matt that they were nearly home.  The soft glow of a coal oil lamp brought a smile to his near frozen face.  He nudged ol’ Dammit and the pack-horse into a gallop.

Rose stoked the fire and stirred the beans.  The rush of cold wind startled her when Matt blew in, his long trek for supplies and her lonely wait, over.  Spring’s promise moved within her as snow silently began to blanket the prairie.


  1. Lovely – I enjoy the western theme and the promise of a new life coming in the spring together with the new life they are creating together. Well done 🙂

    I’m on the list but for those who happen across, my offering is also here:

    • Thank you Linda, glad you liked it. I really enjoyed yours as well!

      • Thanks back 🙂

  2. I got chills up and down my spine from the beauty of your last sentence. Says it all. Well done.



  3. Beautiful imagery that bordered on poetry. You put me there. And I love the name Ol’ Dammit. made me grin.

    • HaHa, Ol’ Dammit was a real horse, who btw lived up to his name. He is missed. Thanks for letting me know how the story came across to you!

  4. Really atmospheric, I loved it. And a great name for a horse. Well done.

    • Appreciate the read and comments Sandra! There really was a horse named Dammit…

  5. I think spring will bring more than just new flowers this year. Lovely story.

    Mine is on the list at #15 or here:

    • Thanks Erin! I really liked your poem as well!!

  6. You create a real atmosphere in this piece, and that last line gives us such hope for them both.

    • Thanks elmo for stopping here to read and comment! I really liked your mysterious story too!

  7. Ol’ Dammit… I can’t get the name out of my head. lol.
    I like the ending best where ” Spring’s promise moved within her as snow silently began to blanket the prairie.”

    • Glad you liked it Kwadwo and thanks for the feedback!!!

  8. Simple actions and simple smells — the lamp, the cold burst from the door, the snow falling — all add up to a great atmosphere. You made the home feel welcoming and a relief as we’re trotting up alongside Matt. Nice!

    • Thank you Brian! I am so glad that felt what I tried to convey.

  9. Such a great story and I love the horse’s name – Good Ol’ Dammit! I love that “Matt blew in” and well I was going to highlight something else, but I love the whole thing!
    Well done!

    • Thank you susie! Getting ‘blown in’ is term people around here use a lot and Dammit was a real horse, gone but not forgotten. I love that you took the time to ready and comment!

  10. I loved this! ‘Matt blew in’ reminded me of storms in Oklahoma, you really did blow in!

    • Winds in the Texas panhandle ‘blow us’ in a lot! Glad you dropped by!

      • We used to say, “There’s nothing between us and the North Pole but a barb wire fence in Kansas and it’s down”.
        Of all the things there, I remember the wind, constantly blowing across the plains.

      • We used to say the same thing! The wind rarely stops, we are having a calm morning right now and I am loving it!

  11. That was beautiful, an enjoyable read that got me all gooey and hankering for the romantic reunion that had to follow such a promising final line.

  12. This has so much hope in it. Well written. Mine is here

    • Thank you for stopping by to read and comment!

  13. Made me cold to read it (which was welcome in today’s heat!!) and I could imagine how wonderful the heat of the fire would feel. We knew a horse called “PS” for Pigeon Shit, evocative of the black spots all over him, and that’s how he acted, too. 🙂

    • LOL, ol’ Dammit lived up to his name too, in real life! 😉 Glad you experienced a change in temperature, it is hot here too!

  14. Joyce

    That is a great story of a welcomed homecoming and a simple life appreciated.

  15. v1wchrysalesen1985

    Reblogged this on Tres Mckinney Weblog.

    • Thanks for reading and for reblogging.

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