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I want to go home….

Ever have that feeling that you are out of your element but have no idea how you got there.  I have spent the last 3 and 1/2 years with something that hangs over me, a foreboding, a dark cloud, a feeling of unease.  Not something that I can point to and define but more of an instinct that tells me something is terribly wrong.

Now, I admit to being a political junky but it wasn’t intentional or sought out.  It happened gradually as we (hubby and I) grew older, raised a family, struggled harder to pay the bills even though we were able to produce more income.  It never seemed enough, in fact with each step forward we found out on April 15 of every year that Uncle Sam extracted almost the exact same amount that it had increased by.  We have been self-employed for most of our lives, we tried to be smart and plan for the future but always fell into the cracks when it came to getting past the point of being just barely in the middle class income bracket.

Still, we were fortunate to pay our own way for the immediate necessities that arose, as they will.  Yet, there was never enough left to put back for a rainy day.      Every time we were able to put something back, a family emergency came along and wiped it out.  We aren’t unique, I think a majority of Americans are just like us.  We have always worked hard, taken care of ourselves and our children, helped out our friends and extended family when needed.  Our lives haven’t been bad because we have been rich in the ways that can’t be defined economically.

We never feared our government, we never though much about the people in Washington DC, or realized what they might be up to that wasn’t in the best interest of the general welfare.  ‘General Welfare’, two words that politicians use to excuse pandering to the lowest common denominator.  To me those words mean something good for ALL, which means government isn’t supposed to pick winners and losers.

Today, I do fear government.  I have lost all trust in their ability to do what is in the interest of the general welfare.  The things that once were considered virtuous and right have become attributes to be demonized as selfish and greedy.  The expectation that hard work and responsibility would be rewarded turned out to be an excuse to take from my labor and give away, willy-nilly, based on some politicians desire to be re-elected.  I feel betrayed and deserted just when the ‘golden years’ arrived I found out there isn’t even an old chunk of coal in my sock….

The attitude that some may have that it sucks to be me, live with it, makes me wonder what kind of people we have become. There are millions like me, so what happens next?  We want to experience that peace we once had but it eludes us and appears it will forever be out of reach….

My goal in life has always been to live the best I could and do no harm to others.  It seems that goal was too self-centered and greedy according to the current ‘congress of baboons’ in Washington DC!!!!  Their job is not to level and navigate the ‘playing field’ for anyone but rather to insure that we ALL have a playing field to navigate.  Finding our own path and opportunity is a right!

I just want to go home…..maybe it was just a figment of my imagination.  That place I knew as America, its history, the history I learned has been changed.  Younger generations, (and a bunch of the old ‘me first’ hippies now inhabiting the ivy covered walls of higher education and government) don’t relate to the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I fear that 236 years and the expense of much of blood and treasure in the name of freedom has been wasted on a nation that no longer remembers who she is….

One last thought…I retain my sanity with the belief, faith and knowledge that ALL things work to the good of those who love the Lord.  He will be the decider and judge in the final analysis and one day I will go home.

My attempt at humor today!

Congress of Baboons!



  1. FOH: (I do think there should be some award for that)

    Very well said, I will endorse your platform. Oh, that’s right…. Homesick says it.
    They’ve redefined values to mean something foreign – and they’re still at work.. But their idea of equal doesn’t mean equal, it means some are more equal than others. It’s their dirty secret. Unless we have a label as a voting bloc tattooed to our forehead, we don’t matter. Or we file for minority status..oops we aren’t. I like the congressman from Texas, Poe I think, who always ends his 2-minute speeches with “and that’s just the way it is”. Its true, sad but true. But its not the way it should be.

    We’re good for picking a political battle with, good for paying what we must, increasingly, to survive. But “sit down and shut up” when it comes to our nations business. Just one 2-minute speech like yours a week would make me think all is not lost. In fact, they could read one of those every week. Mandatory listening for school age youngsters … ‘cause one day it will be them. If they don’t understand it now, they will. But just a message to know America’s heart is still beating. Then remind them we pledge our allegiance to the flag, not the president and his czars, or his campaign theme.
    Thanks for this post. (its a shame its necessary)

    • PBR I really do appreciate your read and your comments! I really am ‘homesick’ for my country. I want it back desperately and hope that there are enough people who want the same thing to stop the decline of the greatest country in the world!

      • FOH: Yea its like there are two countries, one they push and discuss, he other they don’t promote. I know an awful lot of people feel the same way. Just one two minute speech from each would be a stsement but we hear diatribes. aI don’t want to totally give away something I am thinking about but Yesterday I visied west point and hadn’t been there before. A guy commented about the beauty but too bad there’s so much war related to it. Well, so much of it is how people look at things I guess. Some act like this fracture isn’t there. But it is not the same place, that’s how I feel sometimes. I think politicos only see what we can provide for them. They forgot who owns the resort they’re enjoying.

      • A free and prosperous people are a threat to authority and power. I don’t believe ‘they’ forgot who owns the resort. I think they decided they won’t recognize our membership in it, evidently free thinking individuals with rights and big ideas are mucking up the place…..sarcastic I know but, oh well.

  2. FOH, you’ve expressed so well what so many of us feel. I listened to Neil Boortz after the John Roberts defection to the Dark Side, and he asked everyone to call him if ANYONE could come up with ONE THING the government can now NOT tell us to do or not do. And of course, no one could. There are no lengths to which this evil bunch will not go to destroy liberty and subvert our values and morals. The America we grew up in was REAL, and so is this “new” one, though the latter is unrecognizable as “America.” I am still reading The Story, and still seeing frightening parallels in our behavior compared to the ancient Israelites. I fear that Roberts’ mischief making is an indicator that God is going to let us go ahead and complete the destructive process we started when Obama took office. Actually, long before that–but his “immaculation” (to quote Rush) certainly stepped up the pace. Is it too late? Only November’s results will tell, and if Romney wins, what happens next. I hope he is serious about repealing that nauseating law that Roberts upheld. And everything else he says he’ll do. I, too, am homesick for my beautiful, free, upbeat, anything-is-possible-if-you-work-hard-and-embrace-AMERICAN-values country. I miss the Constitution’s being our guiding document and the foundation of all that was good here. Gone for good? Pray not.

    • I hold out hope for November but just as Justice Roberts proved last week, Sandra Day O’Conner proved with Roe v Wade and there was another one on eminent domain, where conservatives (if they ever really were) deserted and went to the dark side. They forever saddled and set precedent for the American people to have to live with. There isn’t one case of Liberal justices ever ‘jumping the shark’. We will have to wait and see on Romney and hopefully a Republican (Conservative) House and Senate. It didn’t work out well for conservatism when Bush was blessed with control of both houses though. This mess we are in now will not be set aright in 4 short years and given the short attention span of voters I am more than a little bit cynical.

      Gone for good????? I pray not too!

  3. FOH,

    Great article. I agree with all you said in this one. Where are we? I don’t see the America I grew up in. It makes me feel depressed and despaired at times.

    I, like you, tried to put away what I could from my salary but there was only so much I could do and support myself. I had money to help my son and his wife on some things. I gave to all kinds of good causes. So, I did not end up saving as much as I wanted. Then I got kicked out of my company when my retirement was nearing so they did not have to pay it. Did I ever think that would happen? No I did not. So there I was stuck with just my 401K which was drained over medical issues which have plagued the Hawk and me since we got together.
    For those who say “it sucks to be you” are heartless in my opinion. We can’t look into crystal balls and see what is going to be delivered to us. God is in control of that. So good people get hit with bad things is what I see. And God is the one who is in charge, not these people who make statements like that.

    My goal too has been to live by the Golden Rule and not judge those who fall upon bad times. Money was never a priority of mine. Other things took priority like my family and my grand children. As long as i could comfortably support myself I was OK. I didn’t start out with a great salary. I started at the bottom and worked like the dickens to elevate myself. But that did not save me from catastrophic illnesses.

    I think there is so much division in this country that even conservatives have come upon divisions in our own ideology. Some of us believe that there should be help when bad things happen to good people. Others think everything that happens it your own doing by being lazy.
    I’ve never been lazy a day in my life. My first good job after my divorce I worked every day, including Sundays 12 to 15 hours a day. I had no time for anything, including my family. We were forced into these hours or we would be fired is what we were told and the company got away with it for those who said this is “too much”. Their families are suffering.

    But, no matter how much hard work I’ve done in my entire lifetime. it did not save me from an illness that is hereditary.

    • I just don’t know what all the answers are. I just know that government isn’t the right answer. I think if the people don’t insist on Constitutional governance the Republic is lost.

      • Agree FOH. But, I wonder how many people are enticed by so called “freebies” and vote for the Dictator.
        A chicken in every pot and a new car in every garage type thing. There are those who still believe that as unfortunately as that is for those of us who want our Republic back.

      • Too many are enticed by the ‘freebies’, that is why the freebies must end in my opinion. As an uninsured American I would rather take a chance that I will find ways to pay for what I need but if I don’t then at least I haven’t further burdened future generations. In fact I will refuse to get on government health care and will not pay the tax!

  4. I don’t know why my comment was posted with my password and not my username. Beautifulfulsix+? is not my username–this is Jan. I don’t know what to do about that but don’t really want the password used as a name. I may have to change it.

    • Hi Jan! Thanks for coming by! Definitely not good to have password posted ;-( How is that little boy doing?

      • Well, let’s see what happens this time! I am still Jan and don’t want my password up here. Wish I weren’t so techo-challenged! Our little cherub is beautiful and dear, and still struggling to communicate with us. He is not seizure free, and that is the crux of his delay in speech. Feel free to read our updates on him on the web site, no charge at all! I put new pictures up from time to time and you will see–he just gets cuter! Now his neurologist is looking into having him evaluated for surgery. Yikes. Thanks for asking, FOH! I am a little discouraged by Romney’s lack of fire on the Roberts fiasco. Again–is there any hope? Or has God had it with us? Couldn’t blame him….

      • Reid is always in my prayers and I do keep up with the updates. It is so hard to see a little suffer and not be able to make it better.

        God may have had it with a nation who has forgotten what the blessing of Liberty is but He hasn’t forgotten nor will He ever desert those who love Him. ALL things work to the good of those who love the Lord. That is the basis of my faith a reassurance that whatever happens we will be given a way to cope with it and in the final analysis will stand at last!

  5. web site, for anyone interested: Reid Needs You.

  6. FOH,
    On Fox news last night they ran a special on the unemployed and the bennies. There were jobs to be had, but John Stossel found all these people waiting in the welfare line saying there were no jobs. He found a lot of jobs but these people did not want them. They said they did better on welfare. That’s why welfare and unemployment bennies need a cap put on them. I couldn’t do what these people do. I’d want a job to bring home my own money.
    I don’t have all the answers either. I guess nobody does.

    • The younger generation doesn’t have our same work ethic for the most part. That old adage about giving an inch and taking a mile applies…..

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