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Time for FridayFictioneers!  We draw inspiration from the photo prompt to write 100 words of fiction.  The pics are the property Madison Woods.  Permission is granted for non-profit blog use if link-back to her site is provided. Please read this: Terms of Use

“….I’m a little raspberry red….”

“What are you singing about, you aren’t a raspberry.”

“Raspberries are red and I am red!”

“Blackberries are red until they ripen then they are black.”

“How do you know these things?”

“I am a blackberry bush and I said so.  You can’t be what you aren’t.”

“..I’m a little raspberry red….”

“Look Mommy, raspberries!  Let’s pick some.”

“Those are blackberries and they aren’t ripe.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m your mother and I said so.”

“Mommy, my tummy hurts!”

Did you eat those green blackberries?”

“No…just the singing red ones.”



  1. aww poor li’l girl, but what did mum just say eh?

    • It was that singing wanna be a raspberry’s fault! First lesson about resisting temptation….

      • haha….yea.

  2. Just goes to show – you should always listen to your mum – she always know’s best 🙂 Excellent take and a nice ‘double’ story. Here’s mine too:

    • Thanks Linda, Momma always knows best!

      • 🙂

  3. I love the singing red blackberries! That was cute – and informative!

    My Inlinkz thingy won’t show me the list so, in case other people are having the same problem, here’s mine:

    • Thanks Lady MKD! Singing berries would be irresistible, Yes?

  4. Ha ha nice take on this. Mama is always right :). Mine is here

  5. haha, cute. that little raspberry should have kept it’s mouth shut 🙂
    see mine:

    • Thanks again for the comments! I am slow due to a flare-up of arthritis in my wrist, making typing difficult!

  6. Have to admit that your story has me filled with doubt. Are they unripened blackberries or are they raspberries?

    Loved the story, though, once I read it again. Banter in the bushes. Delicious.



    • Thanks Doug, they can be whatever you perceive them to be!

  7. Ah the red shall be green…nice play on colors. I used the red/black in mine too, but the other way round! cheers, Lorelei

    • Thank Lorelei!

      • Lorelei, I posted a comment at your blog, not sure it took… Just wanted to let you know I really liked the true to life boy/girl thing!!!

  8. I’d only eat them if I didn’t like the song; otherwise I’d collect them – nice take

  9. Carrie

    This was really cute. A little tricky to follow because it’s just dialogue but fun and light

    • Thanks a lot. Dialog and the explanation of it is difficult for me. I tend to get too wordy! Thanks again for the comment!!!

  10. Those who deceive themselves end up deceiving others.

    • I was going for alternative meanings, glad you found one!!! Thanks!

  11. She got a tummy ache from a singing raspberry,,,poor thing. How did she sneak and eat it without her mother seeing? I’m on the list.

    • Resourceful maybe? Thanks for the read!

  12. Ow poor girl. A sweet 100 words. Mine is linked and here as well:

    • Thanks! Been a little slow getting around to everyone. Arthritis flaring up making typing difficult!

  13. That’s what lying gets you- chewed up and swallowed.
    My attempt:

    • Glad you found another alternate meaning! Love how everyone has a different take!

  14. Nothing worse than a red blackberry. I have made that mistake before….:-) Mine is here:

  15. Laughing… so hard. It’s like the color wheel version of Who’s on First. Ha!

  16. Love the parallel arguments and the cute persona of the fake raspberry. Nice dialogue!

    Brian (

  17. That’s exactly why you must have cream with your raspberries, or some vanilla icecream.

  18. Excellent story. I love your other posts, too. I am not easily offended. In fact, I think we may have a lot in common on many issues. Here is the link to my story for the Friday Fictioneers. Below that is a link to my conspiracy blog which you might find interesting.

    • Thank you for the compliment and for reading the other stuff too. I will definitely check out your story and your other blog too. I am a little slow right now having flare up of arthritis in my hand and typing is difficult.

  19. Haha, cute story with a great lesson smoothly hidden inside. I had almost the same thing happen with my son and green loquats…boy did he have a tummy-ache and next time mom said they’re not ripe, he listened.

    • Thanks Madison! I had a similar lesson with my grandmother’s strawberries!

  20. Mother knows best.

  21. Cute story. I could see it with illustrations. 😉

    • Thank you for reading! My plan to put a collection of my poetry and children’s stories together and illustrate them. I plan to self publish them for my grandchildren for Christmas this year.

  22. Nice one, and I agree, illustrations would be nice too. Loved the title.

    • Thanks Sandra! I must get to work on the illustrations soon.

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