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Fed up!

This is a politically incorrect rant by a 62-year-old grandmother trying to figure out how best to defend myself and my family from loosing what we have spent our lifetimes working for.  Please do not read if you are easily offended by opinions that are in direct opposition to yours or to so-called popular opinion.  These are my thoughts and opinions on the cesspools of corruption I refer to as the Federal and State Governments.  I didn’t take my own advice from yesterday to stick to writing fiction.  I welcome comments and opinions.

I grew up learning how to either solve or deal with problems.  The first option was to isolate the cause and either alter or eliminate it.  Generations like me and before me grew up the same way.

I read a story this morning in our local paper about a woman who just celebrated her 100th birthday.  She has memories of WWI and WWII as well as all the other wars, skirmishes, conflicts, etc., she has seen and dealt with much adversity in her own life.  Her husband was killed in a plane crash when their four children ranged in age from 10 to 16.  She didn’t expect or even want government to step in and take care of her and her children.  She went from a stay-at-home mother to sole bread-winner in the blink of an eye.   All four of her children earned 4 year college degrees and two have advanced degrees.   She has suffered breaking both hips and injuring a shoulder in the past 3 years, which meant that she had to give up square dancing.  Other than that she hasn’t slowed down one bit.

My own grandmother raised 9 children in a two bedroom house!  By today’s standards that is considered child abuse.  HUD requirements for housing assistance states that there can be no more than two children of the same gender per bedroom.

Today parents living in a 3 bedroom home and have two children of the same gender and then are blessed with another child of the opposite gender immediately go out to buy a 4 bedroom 3 bath home.  There is nothing wrong with that if they can afford to do so.  It doesn’t mean that everyone is entitled to the same privilege regardless of their means to provide for the children they bring into the world.

Today’s children are raised to believe that they are entitled to certain things.   Higher education is not a right, it is a privilege for those who make appropriate choices.  Today’s high school graduates, thanks to the Public Propaganda  Institutions aka Public Schools, believe that their parents owe them four more years of total support and that when they get a four-year college degree they are automatically entitled to a large home, two cars, a high paying job with retirement benefits, health insurance and plenty of paid vacations to places that their parents only dreamed of.

There are so many things coming out of government that limit our personal freedom and regulate our lives that it is difficult to deal with the everyday things that everyone has in life.  My daughter (she has private pay insurance), went to her doctor a month ago and was told that she probably needed gall bladder surgery.  It took a week to get in for the first test, another week to get in for the second test, another week to get in for a consultation with a surgeon and will wait yet almost 2 more weeks for the surgery.  She has been told that her gall bladder has zero function and that she shouldn’t wait until it ruptures due to certain infection, yet no one is in any hurry to do anything about this ridiculous wait.  It took her 45 minutes to fill out all the paperwork before the consultation with the surgeon.  It took 5 minutes with the surgeon, who didn’t look at her paperwork to be told she needed gall bladder surgery ASAP.  It took two hours for the scheduler to get her a spot in day surgery.  If this is what it is like before Obamacare I hate to think how long it will take once you need to wait on some bureaucrat in DC to decide if the doctor is doing what THEY determine to be necessary.  If anyone thinks rationing won’t happen, they are CRAZY!

We have real problems in this country.  Out of control debt and deficit while Congress just keeps spending like there is no tomorrow.  Out of control foreign policy, the world must think the USA has become no better an ally than some third world country.  An administration who just gave $2 Billion to combat global man-made climate change in third world countries.  An administration who has decided not to enforce immigration laws and sue states who are trying to protect their borders.  Out of control wildfires in several states.  Forty-seven million people on food stamps.  Unemployment figures expected to go up again next week.  Millions of people who have stopped looking for a job.

What is the problem?  Who is causing the problem?  Who is in control?  Government, that’s who.  There are 535 people who decide everything, who we elect to defend our freedom and insure our sovereignty.  They are doing everything but those two Constitutional requirements.  They are who we have to thank for the mess this country is in.  They pick the winners and the losers and have decided that good, hard-working people are now the bad greedy people.  They have also decided that good moral character is tantamount to bigotry and that requiring someone to prove they have the right to vote is racist.  Common sense means having no compassion.

I will admit to being out of sorts and pissy.  I feel betrayed by a government that I now have a complete lack of trust for.  I have reached the golden years only to find out that the Social Security Administration now considers the repayment of funds taken out of my pay for a lifetime are now considered an entitlement and that indeed those funds are not there because they were spent on the real entitlement benefits that insure politicians grease the palms of voters who will keep them in power.

Too much blood and treasure have been spent by patriots for over 200 years to allow our freedom to be regulated into oblivion.  I don’t have an answer but I know I am not alone.  I believe that there will be a time of reckoning and I pray that we won’t see our country turn to chaos like so many other places around the globe where governments have promised more than they can deliver……

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  1. Now don’t shoot me, FOH, but after reading your fine post I started chuckling … “Fed Up” — Federal Government Up yours is what I ended up taking away from your title.

    Making a federal case out of EVERYTHING is our base problem, IMO. I concur about the electeds in D.C. But I actually hold the States responsible for giving up their sovereignty and I blame us for not holding our State responsible.

    The citizenry, as you pointed out, almost no longer have options open to them given our regulation nation. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    • Thanks Mrs AL, I did include state governments in my definition of cesspools but didn’t elaborate because I would need to write a book on California alone….and we are to blame for not paying attention to our own state legislatures!

  2. FOH,
    Loved your rant. I agree with all you said. Everything doggone one of your points! In my opinion the 535 people who are destroying this country are the biggest drain on our country due to the huge and out of balance pensions and health care they get from us, the tax payers. Then when they retire they get more. I’m sick of it and I’m sick of being called greed too if I want my social security for bloody sake. They stole the money and placed it the general fund and now they want to blame us. It drives me crazy.

    Also, I see the same thing you do about families today. They spend more time picking out new cars, furniture, houses, than they do with their kids. They are wealthy and have no idea they are.

    We told my son if he wanted to go to college he would have to pay his way through. That was it. He never expected that we should anyway. But, today too many kids think they deserve everything given to them. I never thought that once when I was a kid. I didn’t even care about “getting things”. For me, that was not the best thing in life. But, I was brought up to “earn” my way.

    So I certainly can understand you being fed up. I feel the same way and start to feel despair over what I see. How do we turn it around is what I ask myself. Or can we? I feel helpless to fix it. The problems are huge.

    • The problems are huge and there are a multitude of them. I don’t expect to see anything get a whole lot better in my lifetime and I think this whole mess has already taken years off my life just from the stress.

  3. FOH:
    Great article. Wonderful. Though I also like your PSA’s too. (public service announcements) Something we tend to forget, it isn’t just DC ruining our freedom. It feels like there’s ten barrels all trained on you at one time. And it isn’t like you have to list all the proof, its just prima facie to most “sane” people by now.

    • I heard Ron Paul discussing the after effects of Obamacare even if it gets thrown out. Enough of it has already been implemented to cause an even bigger mess either way SCOTUS rules. Proving once again that when government sticks it’s icky fingers where they don’t belong the whole thing remains icky! A bad piece of an apple spoils the barrel just as much as a whole bad apple!

      • And I forgot I really like that dual-meaning title. Yea its already breathing down our backs, and they are still writing it in bureaucracies in DC. Heaven knows when they will stop writing, oh they won’t…ever! Ha ha, bad apples, the leading export of DC. Once they are in something, its going to take an act of God to get them out. I don’t know? But if it were a computer, I’d love to just delete everything for the past 3 1/2 years. Then work my way back from there.

      • Oh how I wish you were a computer….

      • Thanks for the post.

      • Thanks for reading!

  4. people seem to get the government they deserve, and if the wwII was “the greatest generation”, our generation has certainly not lived up to that standard.

    loved your comments.


    • Thank you for the read! I agree with your comments! Sad to be so true….

      • thanks for having the courage to state your convictions

      • I’m not sure it is courage. It is more like desperation, I am a worry-wart I admit but I do think there are some severe problems and not sure what to do about any of it!

      • seems like we can only follow our conscience, vote, and not be silent when we see wrong.


      • Yes, I agree. Silence has been our enemy…

  5. I was shaking my head the whole time I was reading. I think the government should protect people, just not from ourselves. Most of us are competent enough to run our lives. I think a lot of people are fed up but just don’t know what to do about it.

    • I shake my head a lot….and sure don’t know what to do other than test the waters and see if anyone else shares my worries for the future….

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