whatever is on my mind….

my brother’s keeper…

Who is my brother?  I am an only child so have no siblings but I have lots of brothers and sisters.  They are family, friends, and strangers, the people next door or across the globe.  When we connect with people we learn their situations and they learn ours.  Anyone who values life cannot ignore someone’s need once we realize there is one.

The best answer to difficult problems is often the simplest answer.  The story of the good Samaritan in the Bible illustrates it best.  He provided what was needed to get an injured traveler that he didn’t know the help that was needed for the problem at hand.  He made it possible for the injured man to heal so that he could once again be on his way and resume the life he had.  He didn’t assume that the traveler needed assistance past the immediate need.

Life is not easy and there is no way to insure that bad things won’t happen to good people or that good things won’t happen to bad people.  God doesn’t guarantee anything except that we all have the option to choose His way or not.  We will be judged according to His commandments person by person, not according to how much we rendered to Caesar.

I woke this morning

pondering the day.

How can I serve,

Show me the way.

A knock on my door,

a stranger is there.

A tear on his cheek,

What does he seek?

How can I help?

He is lost and weary,

I invite him in.

to sit at my table,

warm at my hearth,

and drink from my cup,

a smile comes forth.

The sun rises,

he can see the way.

He was  lost in the dark

but in the light of day,

found the road,

to go his way.

Warmed and fed,

and rested he said,

Thank You friend.

and he was gone.

Where did he go,

was he really here?

A heavenly fragrance fills the air,

 a sense of Peace, everywhere.



  1. Paula Lowrie

    I really liked this one, Lura!!

    • Thank you Paula and thank you for reading!

  2. This is a beautiful poem and illustration of servitude in Jesus’ name. Your poems are very pretty, capturing the moment and mood of your thoughts with good imagery.

  3. FOH,

    It’s good to be reminded of the Good Samaritan. I remember that one so well. We spent a lot of time in my schooling discussing that particular story.
    I too believe we are all brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, neighbors etc., and should remain aware that in need we should step forward. As I wrote in my own post about Community, we kids were taught charity is one of the greatest virtues. We need to look at people in a way that reminds us that God lives in each human being’s heart. And if we believe that and keep it in mind, then we would certainly treat others much better than what I see so often.

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