whatever is on my mind….

summer’s pace….

Summer days,

blue haze,

no breeze,

to move the trees,

Daylillies bloom,

wildflower perfume,

Baited hook,

a quiet brook,

dragonfly click,

better be quick,

cork jiggle,

I giggle,

Rainbow for supper!



  1. Right out of a children’s story book (which, as we all soon learn, are really for adults). Love it.



    (Thanks for visiting my Kaleidoscope.)

    • Thank you so much! I loved you Kaleidoscope!

  2. Loved that poem FOH.

  3. Lovely. I want to be there right now. I really like the final line. I know it means rainbow trout, but “rainbow for supper” could have a deeper meaning as well. Very nice.

    • Thank you for the visit and for the compliment.

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