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This has been a very different year.  Weather-wise at least it is much better than last year’s drought but otherwise it has been difficult.  I lost my mother in March and my husband’s mother passed away last week.

When someone dies it takes just a few days to get through the funeral but dealing with Social Security notification, paying debts, filing taxes for the deceased, filing insurance claims, dealing with frozen bank accounts and distributing personal effects lasts for months and we won’t even talk about getting headstones engraved or other minor details that just can’t seem to get done.

I had handled things pretty well up until my MIL passed last week, during a 2 1/2 day power outage in our area which was more than a little frustrating.  I found out yesterday that we must go through probate proceedings just to access the remaining funds in her bank account and pay her final bill at the nursing home.  This isn’t a big bank account, barely enough to pay that one bill and reimburse us for expenses not covered by her pre-need burial policy.   If not for all the new banking regulations imposed by dear old Uncle Sam, this wouldn’t have been necessary.  As usual though the government showed up to help us give them more money….don’t even get me started!

I guess I just don’t handle hassles very well.  We are still in the process of filing our taxes and both our mother’s taxes for 2011.  We have never been late filing our taxes but had to get an extension due to the overwhelming amount of stuff that ha to get done first.  In the meantime life is moving on and although I keep attempting to find the time to stop and smell the roses, I never seem to get there.    I know that exhaustion and frustration are stealing my peace and that I won’t rest until the jobs are done.  Persistence must prevail!

All this carping is meant to explain my absence from the blogosphere conversations I normally participate in and to let my readers know that I shall regain my composure soon…..I hope!  Madison Woods and FridayFictioneers have, however, been a bright spot inspiring me to at least write something….



  1. Wow … just doesn’t seem to end does it, FOH. My prayers for you and your husband persona and entire family. I remember well going through the estate thing when Mom died. To say the least it is burdonsome. What amazed me was my deceased Mom having to pay taxes! Egads. They get you coming and going.

    I too have been absent for some time. Personal considerations (not good about talking about issues I face personally).

    Hang in there, FOH. Oh, and I like the new look of your blog (new to me any way).

    • Glad to see you back Mrs AL, been mission’ ya! I know taxes after death, ugh…. Hope your personal issues are better! Glad you like the new look!

      • dang auto correct…. been missin’ ya!

  2. I can totally relate to all your saying about the hassles and issues that arise after a loved one dies. My mother will have been gone three years this July and my father 30 yrs. gone this last March. It does take a long time to recover emotionally, and gain strength physically and even sometimes spiritually when these things happen. It is when we need to draw strength from others that support us and can pray for us. Most importantly it is the strength we need and find in the Lord Jesus that helps us through the difficult times. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your husband at this time of loss in your family and know that there are people out there (even on the Internet) that care and can offer a prayer of support or friendship when things are tough going.

    • Joyce thanks you for your kind and caring thoughts. Prayer is my constant and keeps me going always. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family as well as church family and many friends that I know personally and many that I have never met other than in the blogosphere who offer prayer and moral support. I am happy to have you as the newest one!

      • Thank you. I have been amazed at the opportunities I have had on the Internet to share my own faith through having the blog and participating in Friday Fictioneers. One might not always know what influence or impact they can have on another, but God can turn it around and use it for His glory.

      • me too!

  3. FOH,
    I’ve been MIA also for awhile. I’m feeling burned out and have other hassles like you, but not the same ones, that are so exhausting and emotionally wearing. Therefore I’ve laid low for a few weeks.
    My bro took care of the financial end of my Mother’s affairs so I did not go through that. I would not have been able to handle it since her death hit me so hard. You have a lot of courage. And life has hit you with quite a bit lately.

    • Good to hear from you pepp! I think ‘burn out’ must be going around. I am lucky to have a lot of help through all this but I am very tired. Thanks for coming by!!! Hope you will feel better soon too!

  4. May the strength of God continue to strengthen you and your family!

    • Thank you kind Sir! God Bless you and yours!

      • You’re so welcome and thank you as well!

      • It is so easy when folks are fellow brothers and sisters!

      • Amen!

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