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It’s that time of the week!  Madison Woods Photo Prompt for 100-word Flash #FridayFictioneers.  The photo prompt  is copyrighted to Roxann Phillips (dba Madison Woods) unless otherwise noted. Permission is granted for non-profit blog use if link-back to  Madison Woods is provided.  You will read the inspirations of both published writers and aspiring writers generated from this photo.  Come join the fun!  Be sure to critique my effort!

Winding path,

destination hidden from view,

beckons me.

Mystery, shrouded in green,

the mood serene,

beckons me.

Scents of earth and pine,

cool and musty,

beckon me.

Glimpses of life,

flit swiftly through,

beckoning me.

The unknown, the new,

the path,

beckon me.

Cooler now,

Shadows at play in fading light,

beckon me.

a speck of red,

on moss-covered tree,

beckons me.

Call of a bird,

on gentle breeze,

beckons me.

The dark, so quiet,

almost cold, no sunlight,

beckons me.

A presence,

A sense I am not alone,

beckons me.

The path grows wider,

bright light into view,

beckons me.


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  1. Good job on this.. very fitting for the picture. See mine:

    • Thanks for coming by! I loved yours, very beautiful!

      • Thanks you 🙂

  2. I liked this very much. You have a few problems with verb singular and plural. I only mention it because you asked for critique. “Scents of earth and pine … ” “Scents” is plural, so “beckons” should be “beckon”. “The unknown, the new, the path … ” There are three things there, so “beckons” should be “beckon”. I like the repetitive use of this verb. It’s a beautiful word in itself, and its use here transforms this lovely poem into a song. My link is here:

    • Thank you Lady Marilyn. I knew I had problems with that and kept changing it but never could decide what it should be… the help! That is why I love this forum!

      • I probably wouldn’t have said anything but, apart from the fact that you asked for critique, I thought that this poem was so lovely that it was a pity not to fix those two little problems.

      • I think I got it all fixed! Thanks again!

      • Just had another read – absolutely beautiful!

      • I consider that a high compliment, thank you!

    • Thanks for coming by! I really liked yours too!

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! The repeat of “beckons me” is beautiful–drawing the reader down the path along with the narrator. Love this! 🙂


    • Thank so much! I really liked yours as well!

  4. I really enjoyed
    Especially the structure and how it was an arrow pointing the way at the end

    • Somehow missed a word 🙂 . It was I really enjoyed your poem

      • I understand, my thought outpace my fingers regularly.

    • Glad you liked it! Just came from reading your lighthearted tale!

  5. The rhythm and repetition were very effective in this prose poem. You really captured the feeling of the woodland scene well. Cheers, Laura

    • Thank you very much! Headed over to yours now.

    • I tried to post on yours but don’t think it ever posted. Anywhoooo, I liked your story, good job!

  6. Lovely, well structured and great use of the photo!

  7. I enjoyed the poem very much and it reminded me of the Green Man – the presence you always find around the earth and nature. One thing I might suggest as an improvement would be the very short sentence structure as I found it hard to read just two/three words at a time and I had to read it through three times before really getting it. Other than that – loved it.

    Here’s mine:

    • Thanks for the comments. Normally I am not one to be stingy with words, guess I was in my ‘simple’ mode….LOL!

      • Sometimes it’s good to be simple though – it helps the clarity 🙂

      • Thanks Linda!

  8. Lora Mitchell

    Enjoyed this … loved the ending …Home. The critique was helpful to me as well. Here’s mine:

  9. A beautiful and apt poetic take on the prompt. Well done. Mine is here:

    • Thank you! I ‘Liked” yours, it left me wondering what the sacrilege was.

  10. Very very nice…like it :). Thanks for stopping by mine yesterday

  11. Nice job – it does well capture the scents of the woods especially.

  12. This felt like the thoughts of a tree standing just outside the forrest.

    Here’s mine:

    • Hadn’t thought of it like that. Thanks for the visit!

  13. Beautifully done. I loved it. Very good stuff! I loved the repetition. Here’s mine:

  14. Easy to read, easy to follow. I like the uneven structure, the unpredictable nature.
    A different take on the photo prompt.

    Here’s mine:

  15. A path of words! And it was a downhill trip all the way to whatever home we all see. Nicely built.


  16. That is a very pretty poem, with a happy ending. I like it. I am going to post my link here. I have had quite a time trying to use that new link provided, but has not yet worked right. I tried to get my name to come up on the list but it didn’t and I tried several times even though I got the link box to come up on my blog page, but will just do it this way, for now.
    My FF story for this week is based on a true story that happened last year when my husband and I traveled to Glacier Nat’l Park and got lost, so I used a couple of pics of my own for the photo prompt to tell it because Madison’s photo was so much like one of mine I took there during our hike.

    • I could feel the intense emotions in yours but didn’t find how to comment. Any way I really liked it!

      Thanks for coming by here!

      • Thank you for reading it and commenting. Your FF story this week was great!

  17. Good one!
    A poem that can keep you going! Very positive…
    Liked it!

  18. Very pretty, FOH!! Loved it 🙂

  19. Photos and poems both seem to be idealized when nature is the subject; I suppose one shouldn’t get excited over it. We usually put beauties up when people are the subject, too. But some of us are naturally cranky, I guess, automatically envisioning all the mosquitoes resident in the greenery, the bog around the corner and the poison ivy extant. Maybe my bunch was left behind the door when romance was handed out…
    Regardless, it’s a pretty piece!

    • Thank you kind sir! I tend to be more and more cranky these days but some things still inspire my optimistic side! I am a hopeless romantic though….

  20. thanks for checking out my blog thru Madisons site_i will follow yours and hope you will mine as well. beebeesworld

    • Thanks and you’re welcome! I look forward to reading more from you!

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