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I miss her dearly.  My short with just the right plumpness to make a perfect grandmother.  Always smiling, I can still smell the clean, fresh scent of her bath powder.

I always knew I had her unconditional love, even when she had to scold me, she did it in a way that made me love her even more.  She was born in 1892 and had experienced so many changes during her lifetime.  I loved the stories she shared of her childhood, riding horses and in wagons, her Mother’s parrot and the pet crow, carrying water from the spring.  She taught me songs and stories from the past and gave me an appreciation of all God‘s creation and a fascination of nature.  She could put a dead stick in the dirt and it would sprout and grow.  Her knowledge of plants and her wonderful gardening skills instilled a love for the outdoors and to imitate her many wonderful talents throughout my life.  She told me that knowledge was never wasted and to learn as much as I could about everything imaginable.

Everything she cooked was amazing and she never measured ingredients with anything but the palm of her hand and the pinch of her fingers.  I still have one of her skillets used to fry up many a chicken and turn out innumerable servings of cornbread.  Her fridge always had something good for a snack.   I also have her Singer sewing machine, the one she taught me to sew at.

She taught me the Bible and challenged me to commit its verses to memory.  We sang the old hymns together.  She loved people and was generous to a fault.  All my memories of her are sweet, comforting, and still inspiring.  My goal is to leave my own children and grandchildren with the knowledge that they are precious, more valuable to me than anything this side of heaven.  I love them all with that same unconditional love……

Her birthday was yesterday, I have been going over my sweet memories and reliving some of the best days of my childhood….



  1. What a beautiful tribute. My grandmother was born in 1903, her sister in 1898. Her sister lived to be 104, and sharp as a tack. Buried four husbands, the last of which was 25 years her junior.

    I miss them both. They were Night and Day. And yet, so close.

    • I know, I wish I could have another conversation with her, one day I will….

  2. In loss, I think one of the only comforts is that someday you WILL one day have that other conversation and reunion and what a reunion it will be. She saw so much in her time and she probably was just the person to say, “I liked this about ‘x’ era, this about ‘y’ era and this about ‘z’ era. Oh, to be a butterfly on the wall of her life. You were blessed and pay a wonderful tribute!

    • Thank you! She was a very special lady!

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