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The Ride

Madison Woods, Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.  The challenge is to write 100 words inspired by the photo.  Come join the fun!  Click on this link to find out all about it.

“You boys enjoyin’ the ride?”

“Ah, yes sir ……. but I am getting whiffs of something, it smells like fuel.”

” You’re fear of heights is just sparking your imagination.”

“Oh yeah, well it IS the 13th!”

“Yeah Andy, its Monday the 13th, not Friday, goob!”

“I’m takin’ ‘er down boys, when I tell you to, JUMP!  She’s gonna crash!”

FOXNews Alert!  “Pilot of Goodyear Blimp Saves Passengers Before Dying in Fiery Crash”

“I’m sure glad you’re paranoid!  Why were you concerned about it being the 13th?”

“Because I have a good sense of smell AND 13 is not my lucky number….”

“We had a brave pilot and we’re alive……”

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  1. I remember reading about that. Nice take on the conversation. Here’s my take:

  2. thedrpete

    So the pilot says, “Remember when we used to do air shows and stuff?”
    The co-pilot replies, “Yeah, but I like watching golf tournaments like this much better. All we have to do is position for the cameraman.”

    The tv director down below says she wants an aerial of the 16th hole showing the shot that the golfer in the red shirt has to the green and the obstacles in the way. The cameraman tells the crew which way to turn the blimp and to then power forward for about 5-6 seconds. He then tells to reverse power to brake.

    • Very good take dr pete! I know you love to golf but I find it boring to just watch. Of course, I always like to participate……..

  3. That was unusual! And very scary! Good idea though.

    • Thanks Lady MKD for coming by with your input!

  4. Ok, you spun me around for a bit there. Nice one.

  5. stevesw

    Creative, nice. Remind me never to ride in a plane with you.

  6. That and a death at the Albuquerque Balloon Fest is exactly why you will NOT catch me riding that high off the ground————if I can help it. 🙂


    • I like keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground. Thanks for stopping by, loved the history lesson from yours!

  7. Interesting – I hadn’t seen one of these done by a news story yet. Good job.

  8. rochellewisoff

    You took me there and back again. Nice.
    Mine is here.

  9. A very nice take on the prompt and quite real. Mine is here:

    • Thanks for coming by! Yours was very good!

  10. A true hero with a tragic end. Great job.

  11. Ouch. Nice intermingling of truth and fiction.
    I’m over here:

  12. Wow! Impressive condensing of news and the prompt. That pilot did good.


    • Thanks and thank you for the flyby! Just came back from yours, great one! However, I won’t admit how many times I read it before I got it!

  13. It’s nice how you blend real events with this week’s prompt. That’s very creative.

    Mine can be found here:

  14. I really like your FF story. Is it based on a true story? (link under it) It was real good. The boys had quite an adventure, either way, but such a sad ending for the pilot. I also read the post about your grandmother, maybe? Very nice tribute. I came from a Christian home too. My father was a pastor for over forty years before his death, and he and my mother were blessed to have come from strong Christian families.. And now, I am also blessed to have all my family know Jesus, personally. God is so good. Thank you for reading my stories and positive comments. I enjoy writing fiction, but thank heaven (literally) the stories or only fiction and we know the ending of each can be changed and determined by our destiny.

    • Thanks Joyce! It is based on a true story. It happened on June 13, 2011 which I thought was a little ironic since we are so close to the one year anniversary. Thanks too for reading about my grandmother. She was and is my example of what I should be. I am glad to know a little more about you too. Writing fiction is a new experience for me. I didn’t think it was within my capabilities but I love trying new things! Come back soon!

  15. I just now checked out the terribly sad story of the blimp crash. So tragic, but a great way to use it as an illustration in a story.

  16. Great use of current events, when did this happen? What a brave pilot, a sad ending for him.

    • Thank you for the visit sphrbn! It happened June 13, 2011. I am such a literal person that I have a challenge with writing fiction but love trying new things!

  17. What a great way to take an item of real news and apply it to a fictional imagining of the conversations that might have taken place. Nice

    • Thanks Linda! My approach was a bit of an accident. I wasn’t getting inspiration from the prompt so I ‘googled’ the word blimp and found the news story. At that point I got my inspiration. Thanks for coming by!

      • Always a good way to get some inspiration 🙂

      • It worked out well this time I think…

  18. A tribute to that pilot, my friend. Plucked from the ashes of history, your story was perfect for the prompt.



  19. Madison Woods

    I’ve been surprised at the number of stories prompted by real life events concerning blimps!

    • Me too. I am really enjoying this weekly challenge!

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