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I have been preparing for a garage sale to clean out my Mom’s house after her passing last March.  I thought that it would be the quickest and best way to dispose of the ‘stuff’ that none of the family wanted or had a use for.  NOT!

Actually, I think it was a way to avoid feeling guilty for not wanting to keep all Mom’s things.  As I have been going through every drawer, closet, and cabinet I have felt like the kid who got caught with hands in the cookie jar.  We have spent a month going through things and the sale is this coming Saturday.  I think we have already spent more on fuel traveling back and forth to town everyday and buying our lunch than we could ever hope to recoup from the sale and that includes the $110.00 we have found stashed here and there in her things.  We are both exhausted and frustrated.  I had one other garage sale about 40 years ago and just recently remembered swearing never to do it again!

Pricing is one of the most difficult things to do.  DD2 told me to ‘google’ garage sale pricing tips yesterday, so I did.  I found out that it was too late to use those tips.  It seems that the steps I have taken so far have all been wrong and there isn’t time to implement the hints for having a successful garage sale.  The one bright spot right now is knowing that come Sunday morning the nightmare will have passed.  Well, not really because then we will be forced to load up what doesn’t sell and haul it to the dump ground, but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

My DH and I have decided to begin going through our ‘stuff’ collected over the last 45 years and weed out, throw or give away anything that remotely resembles junk.  Hopefully, when we are dead and gone our children can be thankful that their job won’t be so traumatic.  We are going to leave instructions that after the family gets what they want to just pile what is left up and have a big bonfire, maybe have a cookout and celebrate the good times we had!

Oh, one more thing.  We have a 40% chance of severe thunderstorms for Saturday……



  1. FOH,
    Oh my everything you said in this post I can identify with when we did the same with my Mother’s things. It is a trauma if you ask me. I hated going through my Mom’s personal belongings. When the garage sale was on, people bought everything, including her underwear. I couldn’t believe my eyes; We ended up with very little left, just some Christmas decorations was about all lying morosely in the living room. We just split up what we wanted and threw out the rest. My Mom loved Christmas and she had a massive amount of decorations.
    We ended up with $450 from the sale. Way more than we ever expected, but I must say the apartment was cleaned out like a defrocked turkey.
    You have my sympathy. Good luck and I hope the storm holds off until the sale is over.

    • Thanks pepp! Another bright spot is that our oldest daughter and her baby girl are going to move into Mom’s house, which I know pleases me and would please my Mom greatly.

      • Well now that is a bright spot for your day. That should help a bit in this trauma. I had my brother and his wife and my son and his wife help the day of the garage sale so that really helped me. I found myself getting angry at people who would try to wheedle down the prices we set on items. They were already very low to begin with. So when someone did that I would tell them that’s not really for sale. I had a lot of grief and anger after my Mom died. I hate to admit this but I would see older people walking through my Mom’s neighborhood and I would think, why are you alive and my Mom is dead? Silly I know and I got past it, but we had really just started getting to a good relationship and then she died. I felt cheated and deprived after all those lost years where we did not get along.

  2. I understand pepp. Unfortunately I never was able to have a real relationship with my Mom after I married. The last few months were better I suppose. I know that she appreciated our help but the ‘trust’ was never re-established. I tried several times during her illness to get to what the problems between us really was. She would become defensive and angry and I would just ‘shut up’. I wanted so much to understand where the animosity was coming from and perhaps put it to rest and I knew I didn’t have much time, which we ran out of……

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