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There is a long-brewing blogosphere battle that is about to explode as conservative bloggers are being alerted to what has been happening to some who have dared speak of the despicable tactics being used by convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin.  In a show of solidarity on“Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.”

The legal system is being used by Brett Kimberlin as a pawn to silence people who are doing the job that main stream media refuses to do.  The big three networks, NBC, ABC and CBS along with their cable counter-parts have become shills for people like George Soros, Van Jones and organizations like SEIU, ACORN, TIDES Foundation and others who have already taken down currencies in other countries and are systematically destroying Capitalism in America along with government puppets posing as Democrats.  They are using our freedoms against us and we must learn to use their own tactics against them by uniting in a show of solidarity for the Constitutional principles our nation was founded upon.

Hollywood is aiding and abetting the onslaught and have been the primary medium for the destruction of high moral standards, good character and American exceptionalism.   The Occupy Movement endorsed by the POTUS, Pelosi, Reid, and others is no longer a grass-roots movement, if it ever was, and is in reality a movement to bring down America as we know it.

Politicians from both parties are involved in the Progressive movement within government to turn America into Europe.  There are still more Americans who love this country than the ones who don’t.  The problem is that they may come to the realization that losing their freedom is a reality too late.  Keeping people quiet through intimidation and threats via the judicial system is just the first volley.  Other tactics have already been used to shut down the messengers and will do nothing but get worse if we don’t defend ourselves.  We must win each battle to win the war and keep America as the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Background reading:

Aaron WalkerSummary/Preview of my Post “How Brett Kimberlin Tried to Frame Me for a Crime (And How You Can Help!)”

Immediate action items to help Aaron are here.

Stacy McCain: Brett Kimberlin Saga Takes a Bizarre Turn, Forcing Me to Leave Maryland

PattericoBrett Kimberlin’s Latest “Peace Order” Against Aaron Walker Is Retaliation for Truthful Speech


  1. pepperhawk

    Great article FOH. We are losing our right to speak thru liberal PC bull. I’m sick of it and I will not cave in to it. Might go to jail, but that’s 3 meals a day. Last goofy thing I heard is “we’re not supposed to use “illegal” when describing illegal immigrants, that it’s racist. I’m sick of the racist card being thrown down onto everything. It’s lost its’ validity.

    • Have you heard that Conservatism is destroying the planet, that is the latest one I’ve heard! I just ordered a refill on my chill pill….thought I didn’t need it anymore since getting past Mom’s illness and most of that stress, except for dealing with medical bill collectors…..ugh


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