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Friday Fictoneers challenge and pic below from Madison Woods.  Here is my take on the pic prompt.  The pic is of a McDonald’s Drive Thru but I went inside….and went over the 100 words by 70….

“Eeewwwww, look Mom!”

“They’re just moths, don’t worry about them.”

“But Mom, look, on the ground!  A lot of them are dead.”

“Good, they won’t bother us”.

“Eeewwww, I don’t like them.”

“Mom, do they want to come in too?”



“They are drawn to heat and bright lights.”

“Is that what kills them?”

“Yes, now eat your food.”

“Did they eat the food?”


“What do moths eat?”

“I don’t know, they like nectar I guess.”

“What is nectar?”

“Sweet stuff.”


“Yes, now eat your food.”

“Mom, can we go?”


“Theres a dead moth in my cup!”

“There its gone now.”

“I’m not drinkin’ that!”


“Mom, it killed a moth!”

“Oh, good grief! Come on then, let’s go.”



“I’m thirsty.”



  1. So cute and so like children.

    • I spend a lot of time with our little ones!

  2. LOL. Yep, mush like my three year old!

  3. Very funny!

    • Thanks and thank you for stopping by!

  4. Madison Woods

    Cute exchange. Line 5 & 6 sound like the same character, though – is there only one kid or two? Otherwise, cute story of nothing but very realistic dialogue!

    • Ah, Madison you are right. It is the same character. I didn’t notice that. There is only one kid. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. TheOthers1

    Ahaha. Typical conversation between mother and child? I think so. Lol

    My attempt:

  6. Out of the mouths of babes ….. come the most brilliant insights I loved it and thanks.
    Here’s mine for this week:

  7. joannalazuliportals

    Love it! And, inevitably, the concentration span of a . . . moth!

    Ours is here:

  8. I loved it. Kids are usually obnoxious. I know I was. Poor moths. Oh well…

    Here’s mine:

    • I liked yours to, scary! Thanks for the flyby!

  9. You captured perfectly the ability of children to connect things that adults have long since forgotten. The “I’m thirsty” at the end was just right.



  10. Kids say the darndest things.

    Here’s mine:

  11. I remember a very similar interaction with my own daughter. Here’s mine

  12. HAHAHA! Oh the memories… great snapshot of parenting 101. 😉


  13. Amusing and so lifelike. I enjoyed it very much. I wish I could write funny. My mind simply doesn’t function that way….here’s my darker slant:

    • Thank for stopping by! I can’t take too much credit, I take my granddaughter to DQ a lot for ice cream. So, she actually was the inspiration!

  14. I’m not lucky enough to have kids of my own. Thanks for the glimsp! Very funny.

    • You are welcome and thanks for the comment!!!

  15. Great post! As a parent who falls back on the old golden arches for meals more often than he should, these stories are starting to instill a feeling of conviction. Mine’s here:

  16. Yep, you’ve been there… very evocative.
    Explains why they make kids appealing in appearance; if they weren’t cute, we’d kill them.

    • This is true of some kids, but of course I wasn’t talking about any of mine! LOL!

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