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I am so glad that last night is over with!  It was a long procession of dreams, one after the other that has me feeling the need to go back to bed but I won’t.  Today my mission is to live in the moment.  Birds are singing, the air is fresh, the coffee soothing and the company superb!

My sweet DD2 gave me a book for Mother’s Day along with a journal.  I haven’t had a book make such an impression on me for a very long time.  I haven’t finished it yet because I keep rereading portions of it to insure that I am absorbing every word.  The journal that came along with it is important.  I need it to record my instant thoughts as I read.  I don’t want this book to end.  It will be one that I go back to over and over again.  The title of this book is ‘One Thousand Gifts’, a NYT Bestseller by Ann Voskamp.  It dares the reader to live fully right where you are.  The author speaks of how she learned to slow down the march of time and thereby finds she has more of it.

I am not a book critic and only speak about this one because it is something I needed at this particular time of my life.  The idea of finding more time is so inviting, so needed and so appreciated at this point in life.  I have been reflecting on the things that I have ‘put off’ allowing time restraints to deter me from doing what truly fulfills and makes me happy.

Since starting this blog, I find that a transition is taking place in my head and it is a very welcome change.  My initial reason for writing was due to my overwhelming need to communicate my worries and concerns over the deterioration of ‘individual freedom‘ in our country.  Also during the last year I was caretaker for my Mom during a long illness and the ordeal of cancer treatments and her death.  The more I wrote and the more I heard from other bloggers, I began to see that many of them have the same ‘political’ concerns and share many of my opinions which is both comforting and frustrating.  I was also comforted through the difficult days of my Mom’s illness and death via the blogosphere by people who took the time to offer wisdom and prayers even though I am a total stranger.

What I have found is that there are many people who like me, love their country, love their freedom and love their fellow-man.  The reaffirmation that there is more good in our land than evil has allowed me to ‘let go’ of my need to constantly dwell on the bad and concentrate on the good.  As a christian I know that God is in control, my job is to find His will for my life and to live each day according to His plan.

There have been several things in the last few weeks that has rekindled the desire and inspiration to go back to the business of living instead of waiting to see what happens next.  The book mentioned above as well as the challenge I came across at Madison Woods called Flash #FridayFictioneers, the anticipation of wrapping up and settling the distribution of my Mom’s household with a garage sale next weekend and the anticipation   of being able to once again start each day with the things on my own ‘to do list’…..

Carpe Diem everyone!



  1. FOH,
    Great post and I have had the same experiences writing mine as you are having. It is a comfort to find there still are a lot of good people in this world.

    • pepp, I am to a point that I just can’t take in anymore crap. I mean when everything you hear points to downfall the only and best thing left is to rely on God and faith to maintain sanity. Carpe Diem is my new motto!

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