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get a three year old to help….

As I have said previously, perfectionism is my Achilles heel, my excuse to procrastinate.  I started staining the new porch railing that DH built last summer.  I was being too particular and the scorching drought left me uninspired and so I still need to get it done.

My oldest granddaughter from the youngest bunch of grandkids is three.  I love for my babies to come visit and try to have something fun to do.  This three-year old is DGD2 (Dear Granddaughter #2).  When she visits us we have ice cream for lunch and usually do whatever she wants to do.  This week I decided that we would work on staining the railing and instructed her momma (DD2) to send grungy play clothes.

We gathered our supplies, sippy cup for her and soda for me, paper towels, stain and two brushes and went to work.  Over a two-hour period, which I thought was amazing, I lost my ‘perfectionist’ focus and we just had fun and got a good portion of the railing covered.  She loved dipping the brush and stirring the stain.  I think there may be some ‘perfectionist’ in her as well.  She didn’t get any stain on her feet and very little on her hands and she would periodically step back and admire her work.  She also told me that I am amazing and ‘the best’!  Of course my head swelled!

Once in a while chores become entertainment!



  1. How blessed you are!

    • Yes I know just how blessed I am! Thanks for the flyby!

  2. Adorable kid and an adorable story. Thanks for sharing with us. If we let ’em, kids really will bring us more joy than we could ever envision.

  3. Beth

    I just wish we could hit pause on them. Everyone is always saying “enjoy them while they’re young”, I do enjoy every second but it doesn’t seem enough. I want more seconds. 🙂
    Just thinking about this baby girl could start school next year just blows me away.

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