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Joy for the day….

In response to a challenge from  Madison Woods called FridayFictioneers.  Inspiration was taken from this pic, provided by the challenger.

“Joy for the day”

 “Come little Leaves”, said  Wind one day,

“Rainbow is in the meadow, we can play!”

“Rainbow only comes after Rain

when Sun comes out they sing their refrain.”

“Rainbow, Rain and Sun,

Hurry, Song has just begun!”

“Let us go then Wind”, Leaves replied,

“Join with Song, Rainbow, Rain and Sun in the meadow to reside!”

“Okay,” said Wind, “Here we go!”

Leaves rode Wind to the meadow below.

Welcomed by Song, Rainbow, Rain and Sun,

Wind and Leaves did arrive,

adding their voices, the meadow came alive!

The day grew short, Sun began to yawn, Rainbow faded,

Rain was gone, Wind subsided and Leaves floated down,

to rest on Grass and slept.

Moon and Stars came out to play,

Song continued softly through the night, writing a new refrain for another day.

and God smiled.

The first line of this poem is actually from a poem my grandmother taught me as a child and along with the pic, inspired my words.  I have no idea what the name of the poem was or who its author was.  I can only remember the first line.  Permission to reblog as long as a link back here is provided.



  1. Lovely poem – I can imagine it illustrated in a child’s book. My children would love it!

    The one you were remembering is “Come Little Leaves” by George Cooper.

    Best wishes,

  2. Really nice. And it would be a great addition to a book for children, I can just imagine the illustration that would go with it. Well done.

    • Thank you for flying by! I have been thinking about doing an illustration….

    • rochellewisoff

      I was going to say the same thing. Cute.

  3. I like this. The visual is actually soothing.

    • Fly over here again, soon and thanks!

    • Thanks! I will be checking yours out too!

  4. Just plain heartwarming. Has a nursery rhyme feel to it that soothes and gladdens. Possible children’s book here.



    • Thanks again Doug. I wouldn’t have the first idea of how to publish anything but I intend to add some illustrations. I have three young grandkids, ages 2 to 4.

  5. I like it and welcome! I recognized the beginning too but you have that answer so …. I hope to enjoy many more insights into your writing
    Here is mine

    • Thanks Amanda! I love this process, sometimes I just need a jump start and the pic did it for me this time.

  6. This was terrific! The visuals were amazing! I loved it and so could see it as a children’s story! I know so many children that would love this story! Thank you for sharing!

  7. This would make a beautifully illustrated board book for children. It was so light and fun. Nice job

    My piece

    • Thanks Carrie! I plan to work on the illustrations. Would love to leave a book for my grandchildren to remember me by!

  8. totally enjoyed the poetry. thanks for sharing.

  9. First of all welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Loved the poem! It’s amazing how sometimes we can take a trigger from our childhood and expand on it. You did an excellent job of that here.

    Here’s mine:

    • Thanks, I love this challenge and look forward to more. At this stage of my life almost everything I write is triggered by a memory….

  10. Lora Mitchell

    Welcome to FridayFictioneers. Enchanting poem. Would make a sweet children’s picture book w/illustrations. Not posted mine yet, but when I do, it will be here:

    • Thank you Lora! I am amazed at the response and love the challenge! I plan to do illustrations!

  11. Lovely, lilting and melodic without being repetitive and boring as it could so easily be, I’ll look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

    Here’s my attempt for Friday Fictioneers too:

    • Thank you Linda. I loved yours as well. The feedback is inspiring and challenging!

      • Why thank you, that’s a real compliment 🙂

  12. joannalazuliportals

    Oh, that’s lovely! It’s like a mini meditation. 🙂

    Ours is here:

    • Thanks and I enjoyed your post as well!

  13. A beautiful poem of nature, apt for children and even adults. Mine is here:

    • Thank you! I just came back from reading yours. We forget sometimes that life’s challenges and inspirations vary so much across the world….

  14. Beautiful uplifting poem. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you as well! Read some more of your blog and really liked it! The Mother’s Day poem is excellent.

  15. Excellent poem. Good job working with the prompt. I should join – I’ll be doing this starting next week 🙂

    • Just visited you. I will look forward to next week!

      • Me too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  16. Such a lovely poem. Wish I had the knack. Here’s my story.

    • Thanks for the flyby! Just came back from reading and commenting at yours!

    • Thanks for the flyby! Just came back from a visit over at yours.

  17. Madison Woods

    I could hear the voice of Leaves and Song, and it was beautiful 🙂 Thanks for joining us today, I’m glad.

    • Thank you! I look forward to the next one!

  18. Wow, very nice – and not just for a first try! I agree that it has the sound of a children’s rhyme, and a clever one at that. Great personification and word play.

    Brian (Mine’s here:

    • Thanks for the flyby!!! I just came back from your place and I loved it!

  19. This put me in mind of something I would have read with my kids when they were wee! I could see the illustrations as the song progressed and the rhythm is just right for the bedtime reading we loved back in the day.


    • Thank you that is really a nice compliment! I plan to do some illustrations for it!

  20. This poem would go perfect in a children’s poetry or made into a picture book

    • Thanks for the flyby and for the complement! I hope to get the illustrations done soon!

      • All the best of luck to you then

  21. Thanks so much for visting and for following. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing..


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