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Clear the clutter!

I have often said that happiness is a state of mind.  I am very good at giving practical advice and terrible at taking it, even from myself.  I am coming to the realization that the person I think I am is not the person that I allow others to see.

I have always required a lot of solitude and self-reflection.  I come up with all sorts of wonderful things that I want to do for my family and for others too.  However, I spend too much of my time thinking about and preparing and too often don’t get around to the doing.  Procrastination has always been my Achilles heel.  I love the planning for a project, gathering what I need for the project, then sitting on the project long enough to come up with something else and repeat the process.  I collect ‘stuff’ that I want to repurpose and use.  There is a myriad of stuff and supplies to fix the stuff  or create more stuff tucked into closets, drawers, the attic, the barn and anywhere else I can find empty.  The clutter also exits in my mind and I am running out of room everywhere including my mind.  It is time to do some major de-cluttering!

In addition to procrastination I have another problem, perfectionism.  I was taught that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right.  So my desire for perfection becomes an excuse for doing nothing.  I used to drive my mother crazy because I wouldn’t hang curtains on my windows, telling me to at least put up a blind or something to cover the windows.  My attitude was that if I couldn’t have or afford window covering that I wanted that I would rather have nothing at all and still be able to see the outdoors from my window.  Being somewhat pragmatic also plays a role here.  I know when spending money on something that I can do without is senseless but I pinch pennies at the weirdest times and on things that I may consider unnecessary but DH (dear husband) finds essential, like buying him the brand of socks and underwear he prefers, even though I can save a few cents on a different brand or buying the store brand peanut butter instead of Jiff.

Well by now you may have decided that this is going nowhere, so I will try to get to the point!  Focusing on what matters is difficult when clutter either physical or mental is distracting us.  What does matter?  The smallest things often matter the most and bring the biggest reward.  When we are aware of the saving grace of our God through His Son we begin to be thankful for the blessings of life and when we actively thank God for those blessings our reward is Joy.  Joy because by filling all the emptiness of our lives with Thanksgiving we run out of room for fear, worry and forms of negativity!

Today I am thankful for another day to love my family, to hear the birds greeting a new day and to smell the earth after the rain and to see the colors of Spring!

and this!



  1. Madison Woods

    LOL, we sound a lot alike in that ‘if I can’t have what I want I’ll take nothing at all’ approach to things. I still don’t have furniture, or fixtures installed in my house for lighting and door handles and such because the ones I want cost too much. So I’ve opted for nothing at all until I can get those. Ditto with curtains!

  2. LOL! I am kind of stubborn that way….thanks for the comment. I just visited your blog and loved it! I have responded to the FridayFictioneers challenge and hope that I have done it correctly! I look forward to the next one!


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