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life happens while we wait…..

We say when I grow up I am going to do what I want to!  Then its, when I get out of school I am going to do what I want to do!  Next its, when we get married we are going to do what we want to do!  But then its, when the kids grow up we are going to do what we want to do!  After that its, when we retire we will do what we want to do!  Finally its, I wish I had done something I wanted to do while I was young and had the time and energy to do it!

It seems throughout our lives we are always waiting for the perfect time to live.  I know I have made all kinds of excuses over the years for not doing the things that I really, really want to do.  I have always dreamed of having a beautiful house that I designed with a beautiful yard and flower gardens that I tended.  I wanted to fill my home with beautiful antique furniture, books and art.  I thought that I would someday paint amazing pictures to hang on my walls.  Basically I wanted to be June Cleaver and Martha Stewart all rolled into one.  I just knew that all that would happen when the time was right.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not discontent with my life at all.  I have been greatly blessed with a loving and loyal husband and amazing children who have given me amazing grand children.  There is just this little itch that I always think I’m going to scratch.  Its kinda like that thing you can’t remember but you know its something you need to take care of.  Some call it a bucket list.  I have tried to make a bucket list but when it comes to writing something on it, it sounds trivial when compared to the life I have actually led.

I suppose it isn’t unusual when you reach a certain age to have some regrets.  You think about your life and realize just how much time has passed while you weren’t looking.  Staying away from mirrors becomes very important because the person who looks back doesn’t fit with how you see yourself.  That old saying that youth is wasted on the young now makes sense….

These days I can really appreciate the wisdom of Erma Bombeck!  “Housework can kill you if done right.”  That is why I am going to Dairy Queen with my granddaughter to have ice cream for lunch!  Y’all have a  better day that you ever dreamed possible!

Bonus message!

Don’t Go Away Mad, just GO AWAY!



  1. Paula Lowrie

    Wow, Lura, this could have been me writing this!!!

    • Always good to know I am not the only one! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Get out of my head!!! 😉

    I have a list, written when I was 17. I was surprised to find that I have achieved quite a few things on it. The trick is to have simple wants, and it sounds to me like you do 🙂

    • We often laugh that is sure doesn’t take much to entertain us, LOL! I guess my simple life is due to simple desires. I am happy for sure so everything else will be gravy on this journey!

  3. AfterShock

    Amazing post. I was thinking very much the same thing. Mentally, I feel at 60 the same as I felt at 20. Oh sure, physically the joints have gotten a wee bit sensitive, my perception of time has accelerated by the dilution of years past, but inside I’m the same person just better informed. Nonetheless I’m dogged by the feeling there’s that one undone thing waiting to be the cherry atop the whipped cream of my life. Suddenly, of all the contending dreams I’ve never pursued, It’s difficult to choose which might serve as the summit. I guess my biggest regret may end up being that I’m just thinking about my dreams and doing what I’ve always done — that which needs doing. Still, I think I’m pretty happy, in a relative sense.

    • Thanks for dropping in and for your input. It is always good to know there are others who have similar thoughts as mine. I think one of the reasons that I find myself pondering so much lately is due to the uncertainty and lack of confidence in our nation’s leadership. I believe that freedom, options and opportunity for people approaching their so-called golden years are being severely limited if not totally obliterated. That means my grandchildren have even less to look forward too…..

  4. Good post!

    As Gus McCrae said in Lonesome Dove, “Life is short, and for some it’s shorter than others.” Reality is such that we only have so much time to work for God. The apostle Paul was one who finished his work before he checked out. It appears that maybe many people do not.

    The only real bucket list I have is getting everything done for God before its time to go. Some believe we never actually get everything “done,” but from a Biblical perspective, that’s not true. The Lord Jesus completed His course perfectly. As believers, our goal should be to complete our course as well.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much! I believe that my days were numbered before I was born and that God’s timing will just perfect for me! I try to all that I can in the moment as needs arise for family and community, especially my church community. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, not making intricate plans for the future….. 😉

  5. You have an awesome attitude! I love the idea of a “flying by the seat of my pants” ministry.
    I know I have been on a “day-to-day-schedule” for years, because that is how the Lord wants it, and everything always works out. All praise to Him.

    • When we are on God’s time things always work out for the best! Thanks for your encouragement!

  6. Great post! Really something to think about… life happening. I’d better get on it!

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