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I got WARNED……

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible backache so I decided that I would go to town and get a pedicure at the local nail salon.  I could relax in the massage chair and perhaps come out with no backache as well as prettier feet…..

So I get in my car, put on my seatbelt, leave the house, get on highway and set cruise control.  Ok, then as I near the city limits I disengage cruise control and reduce speed to 45mph mandated by the traffic sign.  I notice that a Highway Patrol is just leaving the city limits.  There was a car gaining on me from behind and I glanced in my rear view mirror in time to see the HP whip across the median to turn around in my direction.  I thought the car behind me must have been speeding and continued reducing speed down to 35mph, lower than the next traffic sign indicated.  Glanced in rear view mirror again to see HP pass the car behind me, turn on his lights and it dawned on me that I was the culprit.  I pulled over on a side street, rolled down my window, got my DL and insurance card out.  HP saunters up to my car and says that he noticed that my front license plate is missing.  I explain to him that I have it, show him that it is in the door pocket on the front passenger side, tell him that we had just recently purchased the car and that the bracket for the front plate was missing and that we just hadn’t found another one yet.  I handed him my DL and insurance card and he went back to patrol car to run my info.  After waiting for a few minutes he came back and handed me back my cards along with a warning ticket for the missing tag.  I did not recognize him as one of our local HP, so I ask him if he was new to the area.  He said no, that he was out of a neighboring town and seemed perturbed that I had asked.  I just told him that since I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting him before that I thought he might be new to the area.  He just said that I should get that plate on and turned around and returned to his car…..I thought to myself that it must be a slow day or something, if he decided that I was worth whipping across the median and chasing down over a front license plate.

I do respect the law and try to always obey traffic laws but this made me think about all the stuff we have to do just to get on the highway legally and how much it costs to stay within the law.   Now I have a traffic stop on my record over something that is in my opinion, silly.  My current tag sticker is properly placed on the windshield and the rear tag is there along with my current inspection sticker, don’t cops usually chase speeders or other offenders from behind?  I guess gray-haired grandmothers with no front license plate must be a threat to road safety…..either that or the state is short on money?

On a brighter note, I went on to get my pedicure, sit in the massage chair and added a luxurious facial to my pampering due to the extra stress of being a threat to society…..I came out of the salon with pretty feet and a smile on my face!  When I got home DH decided that bracket or no bracket to hold the missing plate that he would have to make new holes in the front bumper and find some screws to hold it there, I think I am good to go?



  1. Paula Lowrie

    I loved this…….I have been made to feel like I am a criminal at times!!!….Thanks for sharing.

  2. FOH,

    LOL! Cops running down grannies! It sounds so familiar. When we first moved to KY I thought the speed limits were the same as in Ohio. I sure found out how wrong I was. I came speeding across the bridge from Ohio to KY over the Aberdeen bridge and immediately there was a cop after me. I was only going 65, the average speed in OH. I did not have my car licensed yet in KY. The cop gave me a pass on the license tag but warned me I’d better get one right away.

    I got a ticket for the speeding costing over $150. Then on Thanksgiving, same year, just 2 months later, I got caught speeding on the double AA highway. Now I swear I was not speeding, but the Hawk told me not to argue with the cop as I was going to do. I was a bit ticked since I had just gotten passed up by about 7 other cars who were obviously speeding, but I get the ticket. Argh! Another whopper costing over $150. And after giving me the ticket the cop had the nerve to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to me.

    Well at least you got your nice pedicure and massage, you devil to society! 🙂

    • LOL! glad I did just get a warning…..

      • At least yes, you only got a warning. It would seem dumb to give you a ticket over your front license plate not exposed.
        I have to drive on cruise control in this state so my lead foot stays off the gas pedal.
        In OH, you can fly on the highways and interstates and never get ticketed until you get up to about 90mph. Not so here in ole KY.

  3. thedrpete

    Here I thought I was dealing with a couple of upstanding ladies of substance, and now I find myself interacting with a couple of scofflaws. I really don’t wanna talk about my $250 ticket in Virginia a couple of weeks ago. I think the copper was a friend of Mrs. AL, probably just keeping me always learning.

    • now ya know….you got friends in low places! LOL!

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