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My friend Aggie over at Sithy Things, presented this challenge so here goes.

#1– Book or movie, and why?

I spend way too much time these days reading ‘Blogs’ mostly concerning current politics due to the fact that the country is going down the wrong road.  I was once an avid reader but I find most fiction to be a total waste of time these days and am more interested in current events and news.  I enjoy ‘old’ movies mostly and have read books associated with them in many cases.

#2– Real book, or e-book?

I think I might enjoy reading e-books more but I don’t have  a Kindle yet……

#3– Funniest thing you’ve done in the past five years?

I’m thinking…..

#4– Do you put yourself in the books you read/write, or the movies you watch?

Yes, I have always done this.  This is one reason I won’t allow myself to be hypnotized, afraid some of my other personalities might come out…..

#5– How would your best friend describe you?

DH is my best friend and would most likely say ‘paranoid but lovable’…

#6– Favorite kind of car and why?

Large, preferably 4×4 SUV or pickup.  However I have always wanted a 1955 Thunderbird convertible….

#7– Would your choice of party be a catered meal, or a barbeque out back?

Definitely BBQ out back

#8– What is your favorite season and why?

Spring – love the rebirth of nature, hate the wind in our part of the world

Summer – too hot

Fall – just right, flowers that survived the windy spring and broiling summer actually look good for a few weeks.

Winter – grrrrrrrrr

#9– What specific lesson have you learned: spiritual, educational, occupational?

Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies….

#10– Besides writing (for the blog, or otherwise), what’s your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?

I love to spend time outside working in the yard.  I also love driving around the countryside with DH and camera taking pics of things I would like to paint or draw….

#11– What is one place you can be found at least once a week?

At church (love) and the grocery store (hate)

Now consider yourself tagged, and go meme yourself ;)

Texas funny of the day…

re:  #3 above – still thinking……



  1. I have to admit to laughing at #4 and #5!! And very funny cartoon. No doubt we would have punched someone out for saying that 😉

  2. No doubt!

  3. 1. Old movies because they distract me from reality. Cary Grant and Humphrey
    Bogart are favorites. Arsenic and Old Lace and African Queen.
    2. Real books, but literature, not everyday, boring stories.
    3. Go to Walmart with PurpleGimp, story will be written on my blog in the near future.
    4. No, never.
    5. People think I’m a rock they can lean on. I am a big pretender 🙂
    6. My Honda Prelude because I can take a curve in the road at 100mph and the car stays
    in complete control. I don’t do this anymore since I’m retired.
    7. BBQ – love the smell of food cooking on the grill.
    8. Spring, flower and trees in bloom.
    Fall, the smell of it and the shades of the leaves.
    Summer is too hot for me.
    Winter is my favorite time for dog walking, don’t have to worry
    about ticks and other insects and no matter how cold it is I manage to get overly warm
    and have to start taking off layers of clothes.
    9. Spiritual – to give love to someone who has a problem with you by sending the message
    by thought. And it actually works.
    10. Play with my dogs or gardening. Sailing if I still had my boat.
    11. Sitting on the porch enjoying the cool breezes and quiet of the night.
    During the day enjoying the views everywhere.

    • tomorrow night should be a great night to sit outside and enjoy the Supermoon!

      • I’ll be there. Nice to just sit out with the Hawk and the dogs.

      • We drove home last night after dark, opened the moon roof and it was beautiful! I will be on the porch tomorrow night!

      • That is one of my favorite things to do also, drive at night with the moon roof open. My Mom loved doing that so when she was alive I used to get her and take her for a moonlight drive. She’d put her little scarf on her head and away we’d go laughing all the way. Such fun memories.

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