whatever is on my mind….

not a Texan….sorry about that

Ok, I admit it, Texans especially NATIVE born Texans and a few lucky transplants have egos the size of Dallas!  Let me qualify that somewhat, at least in my case my Texas attitude has to do with all things pertaining to state pride.  After all I didn’t have any say-so about the pasture location or the cow turd they found me under…..

My poor DH had the misfortune of being born in California.  Both his parents are native born Texans but his Dad was in the Navy and stationed in California after he came back from WWII.  They had to stay out there after he was discharged, until he could earn enough money to move back home to Texas and so DH was six months old before he got to Texas.  Not sure if he can ever be President of Texas but oh well….his blood is Texan!

Here is what I was trying to say!










Just in case…..











self explanatory…

















Not really, I don’t recommend trying this!!!











Amen again!!!










Need I say more….








lots of these…..








Must see!











Willie, Waylon and the boys hangout….








don’t touch one of these!











Advise to city slickers!




















All pics from the folks at



  1. This is funny!

  2. thedrpete

    Can we here in Tennessee send you Memphis? Just a warning: I will be in the Great State of Texas next Monday-Thursday. I’ll bring picture-i.d.

    • Actually dr pete we already have a Memphis. It is a little town just 30 miles down the road from me. Picture ID, good idea. Watch out for the HiPos and local law, especially if you are going to be off the beaten path in rural areas. They do take the speed limit seriously. Hope you enjoy the visit!

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